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Managed Service Providers

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Internal IT Departments

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Are You Profiting from the Microsoft Windows XP End Of Support Opportunity?

About 40% of the market is still running Microsoft Windows XP & Office 2003. With Microsoft ending support (EOS) for these products on April 8, 2014, there is a fantastic window of opportunity left for technology service providers like you to build stronger relationships with your clients and profitable revenue for your business.

Please join us for a webinar on Thursday, January 16th at 11AM eastern when Len DiCostanzo SVP of Community & Business Development, will be joined by Raj Khera (CEO of MailerMailer and author of #1 Amazon Bestseller, The IT Marketing Crash Course), to discuss:

  • Best practices on how to identify and profit from the XP EOS opportunity
  • Developing and executing a marketing strategy to capture more XP migration business.

Tuesday, Jan. 16th, 2014 9:00AM (EST)

Backup Manager - StorageCraft from N-able

N-able and StorageCraft are teaming up to bring you an exciting offering for backup and disaster recovery. Watch this short, informative webcast and learn all about Backup Manager -StorageCraft. We show you a first-hand demo and see why StorageCraft is consistently rated a #1 disaster and recovery solution for physical and virtual environments.

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Setting up Social Media for the Successful MSP

Eager to get involved in Social Media, but confused by all the options? Watch as social media specialist Ketevan Natsvilichvili walks you through how to get started using social media for your MSP practice and shows you how to avoid common pitfalls. You might also want to check out Part 1 of this series: “Social Media 101”.

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Beyond Cold Calling: Sales Strategies for the MSP

Eager to get involved in Social Media, but confused by all the options? Watch as social media specialist Ketevan Natsvilichvili walks you through how to get started using social media for your MSP practice and shows you how to avoid common pitfalls. You might also want to check out Part 1 of this series: “Social Media 101”.

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JPMerc & Co.

"It's my belief that N-able has the best platform out there. So, as a pure-play managed service provider, we need the best there is - and N-able is it."

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Case Studies


"N-able meshed seamlessly into our business model."

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2013 Amsterdam Testimonials

2013 Amsterdam Summit Testimonials

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N-central is the industry's top-performing remote monitoring and management (RMM) automation platform and has been deployed worldwide by thousands of IT service providers organizations to dramatically lower the costs of managing hundreds of thousands of IP-enabled devices.

Its unique hybrid licensing model eliminates the barriers to deploying RMM tools by offering 100% IT coverage and N-central provides the most advanced and affordable solution for delivering IT services remotely.

Available as on-premise or hosted software

Used by IT service providers and IT departments worldwide, N-central is trusted for the management of over 100,000 remote networks.

Report Manager is the premier solution used by IT service providers to report on the performance of IT infrastructure under their management and communicate network and systems information to a wide range of report consumers. Use it to manage networks more cost-effectively and enable clients to make better, more informed IT investment decisions.

With an extensive library of pre-built reports as well as advanced custom report authoring, Report Manager is the fast and flexible way to produce easy-to-read reports that enable IT service providers and their clients to view and quickly understand IT performance data. Report Manager addresses four major functional areas:

  • Business impact of managed services
  • Long-term IT infrastructure performance
  • Asset management
  • Regulatory compliance auditing

Designed as an offline reporting engine to ensure optimal performance, Report Manager is seamlessly integrated with the N-central® remote monitoring and management platform. Available as an optional add-on tool, it provides enhanced reporting capabilities that complement N-central's tactical and operational reports.

As an MSP you need tools to help you deliver quality IT services at a fraction of the cost of deploying personnel for on-site visits. Remote Control is a fundamental tool used by all MSPs to achieve this objective. Remote control must be fast and reliable or it will be rejected by technicians who become frustrated and unable to effectively perform their job.

N-able Remote Control Manager is a family of remote access and remote control tools that provide technicians with an array of capabilities suited to the situation. Backed by a global relay network the Remote Control Manager solutions make it fast and easy to connect from anywhere to anywhere.

There are 3 products within this product family:

Computer networks are today facing an unprecedented amount of potential threats. It has been reported that last year a new malicious threat in the form of spam, phishing attacks, malware, viruses was released to the Internet every 3.5 seconds. As unbelievable as that sounds this year the threat level has increased to 3 new threats being introduced every second. Several analyst firms state that Spam comprises almost 80% of all email traffic sent over the Internet.

Email remains the #1 method for introducing viruses and other malicious code to your customer's network and devices. Without appropriate protection the only line of defense rests on the reliance of end-users not to open suspicious emails or click on malicious hyperlinks. This simply is not good enough. N-able's Security Manager delivers layers of defense against this growing threat.

  • Security Manager | Endpoint provides the desktop level detection and handling of threats based on industry-leading security technology.

You deliver a wide range of IT services, but few are more important than protecting your customers' data — and now you can do it easier and more affordably with N-able's new with Backup and Recovery Solutions.

N-able has expanded its #1-rated managed services platform by teaming with industry giant CA Technologies to offer you Backup Manager (CA ARCserve® D2D), a new disk-based backup solution that makes protecting and recovering your customers' business data on both physical and virtual servers a snap. An innovative Web 2.0 interface proactively feeds you updates that help you confidently meet and manage recovery SLAs.

Backup Manager, which can be purchased from N-able as a complementary tool to our N-central remote monitoring and management platform, is the only product that has a BMR (Bare Metal Restore) option to dissimilar hardware and block-level infinite incremental snapshots , based on CA's patent-pending I2 Technology.

You provide an array of IT services to your customers. Meeting audit and regulatory compliance requirements can easily become a daunting task. Most companies need software for conducting compliance audits to achieve a state of audit compliance. This in itself however is not enough, to assure quality and minimizes risk, companies must achieve a state continuous audit compliance or audit readiness. Choose a unified solution that integrates assessment, mitigation and protection into a complete offering with Audit Manager.

Audit Manager has been added to N-able solution offering to provide you with an efficient solution that will help you provide your customers with vulnerability management, risk management and help meet regulatory goals.

There are three solutions available to meet your customer's needs for vulnerability, compliance and configuration.

Mobile Manager from N-able provides MSP’s with a premiere solution to managing mobile devices. We’ve designed a solution that makes mobile device management easy rather than an administrative nightmare.

With Mobile Manager you can:

  • Manage all devices from a single pane of glass through N-central.
  • Set up email with just a few clicks
  • Take action when a device is lost or stolen
  • Enforce corporate security policies
  • Report on devices

With Mobile Manager from N-able, you can ensure that your customers’ Apple or Android mobile devices are secure, appropriately configured and optimized.

Automation Manager changes the IT service delivery model for MSPs by enabling the creation and delivery of repeatable processes with the simplicity of drag & drop design. Tightly integrated with N-central, Automation Manager expands on N-central’s already powerful management capabilities.

Standardize your device maintenance, device optimization and remediation processes with an intuitive drag and drop GUI interface. Without any prior scripting knowledge, Automation Manager allows users to visually create powerful, multi-step policies by leveraging a vast library of pre-defined automation objects, each responsible for performing a specific task. Automation Objects can be linked to run in sequence or, through the use of conditional operators that create multiple execution paths based on the results of previous automation object executions.

Automation Manager allows you to accelerate the delivery of quality IT services while reducing your expenses and allows you to de-couple revenue from labor.