Frank Colletti
Vice-President of Sales.
Frank Colletti, Vice-President of Sales

Frank Colletti serves as vice president of sales for SolarWinds N-able Technologies. In this role, he is responsible for building the sales infrastructure and culture that supports the company’s managed service provider (MSP) partners worldwide, including new customer acquisition and vertical market efforts.

With 16 years of experience in sales leadership, Frank brings an in-depth understanding of sales and MSP expertise to SolarWinds N-able. Since joining the company in 2003, he has made significant contributions to the success and year-over-year growth of SolarWinds N-able and its MSP partner community. Frank and his team have also been instrumental in expanding the international adoption of N-central to include Australia, New Zealand, Germany, the Netherlands, Scandinavia and the U.K.

Prior to SolarWinds N-able, Frank was regional sales manager for Solidum/IDT, a leading provider of classification processing solutions and communications products. At Solidum/IDT, he managed North American and international sales and led the team that was awarded the most competitive design wins. His success in this area ultimately played a contributing role in the company’s acquisition by IDT.

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