JP Jauvin
General Manager.
JP Jauvin, COO

As General Manager, JP Jauvin is responsible for the company's worldwide strategy and operations, including the internal and external processes and procedures that drive global growth and improve operational efficiencies. He is also responsible for executing programs in support of the company's core initiatives and ensuring its technology, services and channel initiatives are exceptional and deliver the utmost value to SolarWinds N-able channel partners worldwide.

With more than 25 years of experience in the software industry and IT channel, JP has a proven track record for helping IT companies accomplish their stated objectives, exceed market expectations, generate meaningful partnerships and ultimately grow the business more profitably.

Prior to joining SolarWinds N-able, JP was the vice president of sales for NetPro Computing Inc. and Fastlane Technologies Inc., both of which were acquired by Quest Software. Earlier in his career, JP was responsible for the worldwide business intelligence channel at Cognos. In addition to his vast international sales experience, JP's career accomplishments include masterminding new services and revenue streams, forging strategic alliances with other industry leaders and emerging heavyweights, and developing channel programs that deliver favorable results for all participants.

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JP Jauvin
General Manager
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