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SolarWinds N-able and NTRglobal Deliver Secure Cloud-Based Remote Connectivity to SolarWinds N-able Partners

Integration Offers SolarWinds N-able Customers Instant Secure Unattended Remote Support

Ottawa, Canada - February 08, 2012 -  

Building on a successful alliance, SolarWinds N-able> the global leader in remote monitoring and management (RMM) automation software for managed service providers (MSPs) and IT departments, and NTRglobal, a specialist in cloud-based help desk and ITSM delivery systems, today announced the integration of the NTR Cloud into the award-winning N-central RMM platform.

Through its cloud-based API, NTRglobal enables ISVs to seamlessly integrate its secure remote connectivity technology. By leveraging this flexible interface, N-central now includes NTR Cloud unattended remote control functionality as part of its overall service offering. Available now, the powerful remote desktop module allows support technicians to securely connect to and manage a wide range of remote devices in seconds. It is also proven to reduce support queues, optimize workflow and boost time to repair by 50 percent or more by enabling faster, more effective incident resolution.

"Being able to remotely manage and resolve a client's IT infrastructure from anywhere at any time in a secure environment provides tangible value that can make MSPs more competitive," says Gilles Samoun, CEO, NTRglobal. "By integrating the NTR Cloud into the N-central platform, we’re allowing SolarWinds N-able’s MSPs to take advantage of services that deliver even greater security, productivity and cost-savings."

SolarWinds N-able Technologies President and COO JP Jauvin agrees. "Integrating the NTR Cloud gives SolarWinds N-able’s partners the flexibility and confidence to address a client’s IT concerns or technical issues remotely without hesitation in a secure environment. We see its reliable, fast connectivity and ability to support the strictest regulatory environments as a true win for our customer base."

A webinar is scheduled for February 15 to highlight N-central’s remote desktop functionality. More information is available on the SolarWinds N-able website.

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Millions of users worldwide rely on NTRglobal's modular, cloud-based help desk and ITSM solutions. The NTR Cloud integrates seamlessly with MSPs, enterprise help desks and software partners to deliver global IT management, automation, remote access and support services. Data transfer and storage are protected through the extensive NTRglobal SSL network and ISO 27001-certified data centers located across the Americas, EMEA and Asia Pacific.

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SolarWinds N-able is the leading global provider of complete IT management and Automation solutions for Managed Service Providers (MSPs). SolarWinds N-able was acquired by SolarWinds®, a leading provider of powerful and affordable IT management software, in May 2013. SolarWinds N-able’s award-winning N-central® is the industry’s #1 RMM and MSP Service Automation Platform. SolarWinds N-able has a proven track record of helping MSPs standardize and automate the setup and delivery of IT services in order to achieve true scalability. N-central is backed by the most comprehensive business enablement support services available today and the industry’s only freemium licensing model. Thousands of MSPs use SolarWinds N-able solutions to deliver scalable, flexible, profitable managed services to over 88,000 SMBs worldwide. With offices in North America, the U.K., the Netherlands and Australia, SolarWinds N-able is 100% channel-friendly and maintains strategic alliances with a number of leading global IT companies, including Microsoft, Intel, and Cisco among others.