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Integration with APC for Advanced Power Management

As leaders in their respective industries, SolarWinds N-able Technologies and American Power Conversion (APC) by Schneider Electric have established a technology and marketing alliance to make it easier for VARs, MSPs and IT Service Desks to manage power protection and cooling solutions in a networked environment.

Through this alliance, the two companies are co-marketing the advantages and integration of SolarWinds N-able'sN-central IT automation and managed services solution and APC's Smart-UPS and NetBotz products. SolarWinds N-able and APC are also teaming to educate and train partners on the technologies.

The integration effort makes it easier, more reliable and more cost-effective for MSPs to deploy, discover, monitor and manage APC power protection and cooling solutions in a networked environment using N-central 6.7 software.

As a result of the integration, you can use N-central's remote monitoring engine to identify battery issues and circuit overloads before they lead to power outages. N-central can also gather the model and serial number of APC UPS products automatically – key functionality for asset and license management. Additional integration includes:

  • Environmental sensor monitoring allows N-central to monitor the temperature and humidity readings from an APC UPS
  • APC power distribution unit (PDU) monitoring services allow N-central to monitor the status of the PDU's circuits (phases)
  • Six new APC NetBotz services allow N-central to report on the readings and status of NetBotz Airflow, Audio, Dewpoint, Door Switch, Humidity and Temperature Sensors

Advantages for MSPs

  • Monitor all customers' APC Smart-UPS and NetBotz products from a single dashboard
  • Provide 24×7 proactive monitoring of infrastructure for power problems, bad batteries, power offline status and environmental issues before they cause customer downtime
  • Deliver higher levels of service and greater value to customers
  • Differentiate your business by offering a more robust, reliable service

Advantages for customers using APC devices

  • Mitigated risks associated with circuit over-utilization, battery aging and environmental issues such as failed air conditioning units
  • Reduced costs and power outages
  • Peace of mind from knowing that their APC devices are being monitored 24×7

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