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N-central – Market-Leading Support for Intel® vPro™ Processor Technology

Intel® vPro™ processor technology extends the functionality of N-central's best-of-class management platform to give you full network visibility and manageability, regardless of OS or power state.

  • Improve asset management by allowing discovery of devices that are powered down
  • Improve your ability to provide off-hours maintenance by including "power on" and "power off" commands in your automated maintenance programs
  • Reduce help desk costs by remotely troubleshooting desktops with hardware issues or inoperative operating systems
  • Improve response times to malware and virus infections by remotely isolating desktops or servers from the network while still retaining the ability to remotely troubleshoot the device

Intel® vPro™ allows secure, remote access to the PC virtually any time for maintenance, updates and upgrades, and for diagnostics, repair and remediation — even if the PC is powered off, the OS is unresponsive, management agents are missing or hardware (such as a hard drive) has failed.

Benefits for MSPs

  • Reduce your service delivery costs: Automate more manual activities, roll trucks less often and increase technician utilization.
  • Strengthen your bottom line: Generate new revenue streams by broadening your service portfolio. Perform critical functions such as remote monitoring, management, notification, reporting and interoperability, regardless of power or OS state of customer devices.
  • Grow your revenue rapidly: Evolve your business into a comprehensive managed services model, following our proven step-by-step blueprint.
  • Differentiate your offering: Gain a competitive edge by delivering complete managed services that support a wider array of devices and operating systems.

Give your customers the benefits of SolarWinds N-able and Intel® vPro™ processor technology

  • Better IT support: Remediate IT issues with skill and efficiency.
  • Less downtime: Proactively discover and remediate issues before customer workflow is affected.
  • Lower IT costs: Reduce equipment failures, ensure consistent maintenance and security, and perform quicker and less-costly repairs.
  • Better security: Seamlessly maintain security and keep software up to date. Critical business data and processes are better protected.
  • IT that can handle tomorrow: Delivering a 40% improvement in performance and greater energy efficiency, Intel® vPro™ processor technology is ready for today – and tomorrow.

What our partners are saying

"We exist … to reduce the total cost of IT and to eliminate the operational headache of IT. The vPro-based solution increases our ability to do both."
– Michael Drake, Chairman and CEO, masterIT

Read the masterIT/Intel vPro case study (PDF)