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N-SupportPro - Remote Support Software

Our remote control software lets help desk technicians provide remote support and assistance.

The answer to ensuring that remote support services run efficiently and economically, N-supportPro is the remote assistance software solution for managing the multiple operating systems utilized in desktops and servers as well as laptops and other mobile devices. Provide fast, effective help, regardless of the type of operating system being used.

N-supportPro also offers the highest level of security available and the smallest download footprint in the IT services industry, to start client sessions faster.

How to Buy N-supportPro

N-supportPro is available as a hosted service that requires no upfront investment, no ongoing application maintenance and carries with it predictable, low monthly fees. Purchase N-supportPro on its own or as an optional add-on to our N-central network and systems management software.

N-supportPro Benefits

  • Reduce costs by increasing service desk productivity
  • Minimize the need for costly, time-consuming visits to customer sites
  • Shorten case resolution times and reduce repeat calls for the same issue
  • Improve customer satisfaction by providing fast, non-intrusive and effective technical remote assistance
  • Increase the number of incidents resolved on first contact

N-supportPro provides attended remote control of any IP-enabled device, anywhere in the world. Its feature-rich remote support toolset builds service desk productivity by delivering lightning-fast connections, single-click remote diagnostics, remediation, "drag and drop" two-way file transfer and many other time- and cost-saving features. Technicians can even reboot and reconnect remote machines without losing the control connection.

  • Establish Remote Control in Seconds

    Firewall, NAT and proxy-friendly, N-supportPro makes connecting easy. Get one-click access through an active chat session or assign the customer a session code for immediate connection through your Web site or their desktop.
  • Five Available Remote Assistance Modes

    From passive collaboration to complete control, you select the remote assistance mode that best meets your need.
  • Drag and Drop Two-Way File Transfer

    Technicians and customers can send and receive files. Customers can be granted power of refusal for operator-initiated transfer requests.
  • Extensive System Snapshot with Remote Diagnostics

    Get a complete diagnostics report on the remote machine in seconds – with just one click!
  • Print Remote Documents

    Print documents remotely on the operator's printer – no file transfer or special configuration is required.
  • Record and Playback Remote Control Sessions

    Create and save a visual transcript of the remote control session.
  • Reboot and Reconnect Remotely

    Administrator mode gives your technicians the ability to reboot and reconnect remote machines without losing the control connection.
  • Show or Hide Applications during Remote Control

    This privacy feature lets the customer choose which applications the technician sees during the remote assistance session.
  • Support Pocket PC Users Remotely

    Investigate and solve technical problems on your customer's pocket PCs using remote control.
  • Brandable Interface

    Customize remote assistance chat windows, e-mails and surveys with the look and feel of your service organization.
  • Multiple concurrent remote sessions

    Each technician can maintain up to five remote connections at the same time, allowing the technician to multitask and work faster.

Additional Features of N-supportPro

  • Powerful and easy-to-use chat
  • Remote drawing tools
  • Sound alerts
  • Remote voice and video communications
  • Pre-session surveys to route requests
  • Post-session surveys to gauge satisfaction

N-supportPro has the industry's smallest download footprint, so remote client sessions start faster – plus it delivers the highest level of security available today!

N-supportPro's many remote assistance advantages position you to drive down costs by raising service desk productivity, increase the number of incidents resolved on first contact, eliminate time-consuming visits to client sites, boost customer satisfaction by fixing problems quicker and cut resolution times and repeat calls for the same issue.

  • Hosted Web-based remote support service for fast start-up, no upfront investment and convenience
  • Advanced 256-bit AES end-to-end encryption for data communications of remote assistance sessions
  • Brandable online remote support for your customers
  • Multi-platform remote support includes Windows, Linux, Mac and mobile devices
  • Lightning-fast remote assistance connection times
  • Integration capabilities allow for seamless customer view
  • Utilize collaboration capabilities for internal meetings and training