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We want to make you a reporting hero.

Demonstrating the value of IT services can be challenging. Sure, you can report on server uptime and closed tickets. But you want more. Your customers want more.

It’s time to look at Report Manager and become a reporting hero!

Report Manager leverages the power of the N-central platform and provides the best RMM and PSA reporting in the industry.

Report Manager AV Status Report Ticket Summary Report Network Assessment Report

“Our ability to proactively provide reports on business-critical aspects of a customer environment is a powerful support and sales tool.”
- Pat Moore, Network Operations Manager, CalTech

Highlights include:

Customizable Executive level reports

The ability to generate a single, standardized Executive Summary Report includes all proactive and reactive tickets. This updated report demonstrates to your customers that you’ve got your finger on the pulse of every aspect of their network by providing an executive overview as well as all the details of managed devices, warranties, AV, Patch, data protection, network reliability, server performance, and ticketing.

Network Assessment

A network assessment report that provides a complete summary of a customer or prospect’s environment by pulling asset, capacity planning, and security status information from N-central's Professional and Essential agents.

Ticket Summary

A ticket summary report that Integrates with two of the IT industry's leaders in time and expense tracking solutions; Autotask and ConnectWise . This report provides a single, standardized ticket summary report on all proactive and reactive tickets.

AV Status

A new AV Status report that provides consolidated reporting of all your antivirus solutions; this includes N-central's Endpoint Security Manager, and N-central’s AV Defender and other third-party anti-virus solutions.

Managed Devices Versus Time

Managed devices versus time report that is built for billing and PSA/RMM audits. This report keeps you updated with devices under management and new customers added over the last period. Using this report you can now quickly produce a checklist at the end of the month to track and quantify changes to your customer's managed device counts over the reporting period.

Hybrid Licensing

Present your clients with information on 100% of their network. Report Manager leverages N-able’s hybrid licensing model by including asset and monitoring data from both the Essential and Professional agents.


Report Manager provides a simple-to-use reporting engine that is seamlessly integrated and synchronized with N-central. It leverages the data collected by N-central to create reports that reflect the impact your services are having on your clients’ IT infrastructure and strategic goals. This enables you to:

  • Design reports your clients need,
  • Build the role of trusted advisor,
  • Differentiate your service offering and enhance service levels,
  • Demonstrate performance against SLA's, and;
  • Quantify downtime costs.

“With the new managed devices vs time report, we can quickly, accurately, and confidently invoice our customers. This is going to save many hours every month and bring in extra revenue.”
- Wim Lamot, Technical Manager, Accel

High-Powered Reporting Engine

Report Manager is seamlessly integrated with N-central remote management and monitoring (RMM) software. Use it to report on key service performance metrics such as uptime, capacity, and security. Automatically collect data from multiple N-central servers and build aggregate IT performance reports.

Custom Report Authoring

Using the drag-and-drop Microsoft Report Builder tool, you can create additional reports that leverage the data from within the Report Manager data warehouse and create reports specific to your service offering. You may also include the data from any data source accessible from within Microsoft SQL Server and incorporate the third-party data into custom reports.

Long-Term Data Retention

Report Manager features extended data retention, which enables you to generate year-over-year reports and satisfy regulatory requirements pertaining to long-term data availability.

Time-Based SLA Reporting

Conduct high-precision IT performance assessments using time-based SLA functionality. This enables you to report on IT infrastructure performance for any given time period covered under an SLA, such as 24x7 monitoring or monitoring during regular business hours Monday to Friday (8x5).

Multi-Stakeholder Reports

Communicate vital information to executive, management, operational and technical stakeholders, as well as external parties such as auditors.

Detailed Analysis of Key Metrics

Track the performance of monitored services for the purposes of business impact and predictive analysis. Use this insight to enable clients to make informed IT investments and improve efficiency, positioning your company as a trusted adviser.

Extensive Report Library

Report Managers' 45 pre-built reports and new report parts enable you to rapidly gather and communicate vital IT and business information. Just a few of these reports include:

  • Asset management reports,
  • Availability comparison reports,
  • Capacity planning reports,
  • Downtime cost reports,
  • Executive summary reports, and;
  • Event log reports.

Visit the Report Manager library.

Scheduling and delivery

Accessible from within the report console, the report scheduler allows you to view reports, reschedule, modify report parameters and remove scheduled reports. Reports can be sent to a shared drive or local file system or email.

Report branding

Extend your brand throughout Report Manager reports. Brand control exists in four places on each report—the header image, the footer image, the top-right image, and on the title page image.


Report Manager offers an offline reporting solution that resides on its own server and is solely dedicated to giving IT service organizations the power to demonstrate IT management value. Seamlessly integrated and synchronized with N-able's N-central remote monitoring and management platform, Report Managers’ independent server architecture means that there is no impact on N-central's performance.

Fast report generation, multi-stakeholder reports, and the ability to create custom reports ensure that Report Manager provides more comprehensive reporting capabilities than those offered through a standard IT management platform.

Design Reports Your Clients Need

With over 40 pre-built templates and over 100 report parts, Report Manager is the only RMM reporting solution that enables you to create and modify reports to perfectly match the specific needs of your clients.

Build the Role of Trusted Advisor

Earn clients’ confidence by effectively managing their infrastructure.

Enhance Service Levels

Quickly generate reports about mission-critical network components.

Better Plan IT Investment

Proactively identify devices nearing or exceeding capacity as well as those that are in need of a hardware refresh.

Use Report Manager as a Sales Tool

Show your clients how you can cut their IT and downtime costs.

Ease of Implementation

Install, set up, and configure Report Manager quickly and easily.

Differentiate Your Offering

Produce reports that demonstrate the unique value of your services.

System Requirements


Processor: Dual Core CPU
Memory: Minimum 3 GB (4+ GB recommended)
Hard Drive Space: Minimum 100 GB for a dedicated data partition.


Operating System (one of the following required)

  • Microsoft Windows Server 2008 Standard or Enterprise Edition
  • Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2
  • Microsoft Windows Server 2012

Database System Supported (one of the following required)

  • Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard Edition or Enterprise Edition
  • Microsoft Windows Server 2012 Standard Edition or Enterprise Edition


  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5
  • Microsoft IIS 7.0 or above

Important Notes

  • 32-bit and 64-bit platforms are supported
  • Only English versions of software are supported
PSA Insight

Imagine how much time you will save when you produce ticket summary reports from ONE integrated system.

Enter PSA Insight. PSA Insight ramps up the power of Report Manager by integrating with Autotask and ConnectWise, two of the industry’s leaders in Professional Services Automation solutions.

What does this mean to you?

  • It means that you can now produce a single, standardized, executive report from one console.
  • It means that you can provide your customers with both proactive and reactive ticketing metrics.
  • It will save you time.
  • It will provide your customers with insight into the value you provide.

It will make you a Reporting Hero!

Report Manager - PSA Insight
Report Library

Report Managers' pre-built reports and new report parts enable you to rapidly gather and communicate vital IT and business information. Just a few of these reports include:

Managed Assets

Screenshot Asset Change Report
Details what has been added, changed, or removed in a specific time period. Provides a point-in-time snapshot of the devices managed by N-central.
Screenshot Device Notes Overview Report
Summarizes notes recently added to devices; either automatically (by PSAs), or by N-central users. Use this report to review recent notes activity; such as comments about temporarily changing a monitoring threshold.
Screenshot Hardware Inventory Report
Summarizes hardware assets on a customer's network and can be filtered to show all discovered devices or specific devices. The report can be tailored to display varying levels of detail by selecting preferred asset information.
Screenshot Hardware Upgrade Planning Report
Allows you to select minimum hardware requirements, identify devices not meeting the minimum configuration and plan upgrades accordingly. Parameters can be set for CPU type, physical memory and disk capacity as well as warranty and lease expiration.
Screenshot Last Boot Up Time and Logged In User by Device Report
Provide your customers with a simple device overview that indicates when it was last booted up and who was the most recent user.
Screenshot Managed Devices by Operating System Report
Displays a quick breakdown of the number of devices by operating system.
Screenshot Managed Devices SLA Report
Use this report as a reference to show which devices you will and won't be responsible for monitoring under an SLA. In addition, this report also serves as proof that your monitoring system is correctly configured.
Screenshot Managed Devices Summary Report
Use this report as a reference to show which monitoring is applied to the various managed devices for a customer. It also provides a great summary of operating systems and device classes.
Screenshot Managed Devices Versus Time Report
Built for billing and PSA/RMM audits, the Managed Devices Versus Time report keeps you updated with devices under management and new customers added over the last period. Using this report, you can now quickly produce a checklist at the end of the month to track and quantify changes to your customer's managed device counts over the reporting period.
Screenshot Patch Overview Report
Provides an audit of all installed Windows patches throughout an environment.
Screenshot Printer Consumables Report
This report provides a unique summary of network-based printers in a customer’s environment. It includes details on printer make/model, toner levels and page counts for each printer.
Screenshot Shared Folders Overview
Summarizes shared folders found in a customer’s environment. Use this report to audit Windows Servers and identify workstations that have unnecessary shares.
Screenshot Software Inventory Report
Summarizes software assets within a customer's network that can be filtered to show all discovered software or only devices with particular installed software.

Managed IT Services

Screenshot Service Dashboard Report
Provides a visual status report of how devices and services have performed on a weekly basis. Designed to reinforce the value of IT services provided.
Screenshot Application Availability Report
Supports availability analysis of individual services and service groupings. The report's benefit is it gives an overall assessment of service availability by device or a service across multiple devices.
Screenshot AV Status Report
The AV Status report provides consolidated reporting of all your antivirus solutions; this includes third party antivirus solutions, N-central's Endpoint Security Manager, and N-central’s AV Defender.
Screenshot Availability Comparison Report
Empowers you to compare the availability of a set of devices and services over selected time periods and perform trending analysis for early detection of availability issues before they affect the SLAs. This report also supports your upsell efforts by comparing device availability for customers at different service levels.
Capacity Planning Report Capacity Planning Report
Use this report to identify devices approaching utilization limits. This allows you to proactively prevent system failures, correct performance issues and justify and plan hardware upgrades.
Data Protection Report Data Protection Report
Logs the status of the backup jobs at a customer site. This report gives a detailed log of all monitored jobs and translates the backup return codes to full detailed results, giving the assurance that the backup system is functional.
Downtime Cost Impact Report Downtime Cost Impact Report
Demonstrates the costs associated with a service downtime for a given time period and the cumulative costs for the entire period.
Executive Summary Report Executive Summary Report
Delivers a scorecard-based information view to your customers on the business value of the service provided. The scorecard format quickly demonstrates to busy executives that your service is providing business value and meeting/exceeding service level agreements.
Executive Summary Report Health QuickView Report
Provides a summary view of the Top 5 critical devices in several system health categories.
Monthly Availability Comparison Report Monthly Availability Comparison Report
This report provides a great month-to-month comparison of network and business service availability.
Network Assessment Report Network Assessment Report
Provides a complete summary of a customer or prospect’s environment by pulling asset, capacity planning, and security status information from N-central's Professional and Essential agents. This makes it easy to demonstrate quick value without having to purchase a separate tool for asset inventory and capacity planning – invaluable for prospecting.
Network Health Overview Report Network Health Overview Report
Make a quick assessment of a customer's network, using information on the availability of selected services, performance of servers and workstations, network traffic and backup status. This report includes critical security metrics and a notifications summary. This report provides information on the total availability of service groupings, the performance of servers and workstations, and net utilization and bandwidth, as well as critical observations for your analysis.
Network Oversight Report Network Oversight Report
This 3-5 page executive summary report provides an overall view of the monitored network: summary of the top 5 critical devices in various aspects, application availability, utilization details and backup status.
Notification Summary Report Notification Summary Report
Use this report to determine which customer is consuming large amounts of technician time, and also to demonstrate value to your customer by showing events that occurred on your customers' networks and your prompt response.
Patch Status Report Patch Status Report
This report provides a well-rounded summary of Windows patches for a customer. It provides a summary and the details on devices up-to-date, missing updates and with failed update.
Resource Utilization Report Resource Utilization Report
This report provides a historical overview of CPU, physical memory, virtual memory and disk utilization.
Service Availability Report Service Availability Report
This report provides a summary on how available the network infrastructure and business services were over areporting period.
Site Overview Report Site Overview Report
This one page executive summary report provides an at-a-glance view of a customer’s network. It includes details on managed devices, critical business services, Microsoft licensing, server uptime and an incident summary. Use this report to provide a monthly summary to a technical business owner who’s always on the go.
Technical Summary Report Technical Summary Report
Provides a technical summary of performance data for mission-critical network devices. These include device resources utilization (CPU, disk, memory), traffic bandwidth utilization, service availability and a notifications summary for a specified time period. This report also has an option to rank devices based on the resource utilization.
Ticket Summary Report Ticket Summary Report
This report leverages Autotask/ConnectWise and provides a high level summary of open tickets versus closed, average time to resolution, and open ticket age, as well as specific details for each ticket opened within the report period.
Traffic Usage Report Traffic Usage Report
Generates an overview of the network traffic. It shows the bandwidth utilization and volume of network traffic on one or more network interfaces. This helps you to identify network usage patterns and bottlenecks, providing insight for network infrastructure upgrades.
Utilization Comparison Report Utilization Comparison Report
Perform trend analysis for early detection of utilization issues by comparing device utilization over time, such as 3, 6 or 12 months. Also, document the impact of recent hardware upgrades.

Managed Security

Screenshot Alert by Category Report
Provides Event Log alerts for each category.
Screenshot Alert Summary by Catgeory Report
Provides summary of Event Log alerts grouped by category.
Screenshot Firewall Incident Trend Report
Illustrates the history of incident activity for customer firewalls. This includes a daily assessment of the firewall incident activity and breakdown by severity.
Screenshot Incident Summary Report
The Incident Summary report shows the number of incidents for each device on a selected customer's network, in order of severity for the reporting period.
Screenshot Remote Control Usage Report
Built to complement the remote management capabilities in N-central through Remote Support Manager and Remote Environment Manager, this report provides tangible insight into the value of remediation work being performed on a customer site and helps organizations ensure regulatory compliance. This report allows you to report on Remote Desktop Support and managed device remote control sessions.
Screenshot Security Alert Report
Provides detailed information on Event Log security alerts.