Case Studies

Learn about our partners' success in these SolarWinds N-able case studies and videos.

SolarWinds N-able's extensive global customer base of more than 3,600 companies demonstrates the diversity of client success with our products and solutions. Read their success stories and learn on how a strategic partnership with SolarWinds N-able transformed their businesses into true managed service organizations.

Case Studies
“N-central is a centralized management tool, and it cuts down on many manual tasks. It updates computers and knows if a computer has to be rebooted or is low on memory. It would be a lot more difficult, and it was a lot more difficult, to perform these tasks before I partnered with SolarWinds N-able”

– Patrick Carley, CEO, Precedent Technologies

“Our goal has always been to do everything as cost effectively as possible for our customers, and centralized IT operations and automation with SolarWinds N-able supports that goal. It's inSolarWinds N-able's best interest for us to be successful, and it is in our best interest for our clients to succeed. We consider it a circle of partnership.”

– Daniel Davis, Director & Partner, Darktime Computer Services

“Working with SolarWinds N-able has been a good match since day one. Beyond N-central, we like their business and marketing tools, such as their Blueprint for Success methodology. And just as the Blueprint advises, our goal has always been to align our IT services with our business goals - and we advocate the same to our customers as well. By making long-term strategic planning a priority, we've seen good growth right from the start.”

– Jarret Benedict, Director of Managed Services, Knight Office Solutions

“N-central plays an important role in enabling us to see and manage every computer, server, firewall and other IT devices connected to our customers' networks and to detect potential problems before they occur.”

– Kenny Prince, Director, the PSG

“With SolarWinds N-able’s Automation Manager, it’s astonishingly easy to script tasks – that’s a big help for our first and second level support technicians. There are a lot of possibilities ahead.”

– Oliver Kaspar, Co-Founder, Softbox

“We continue to strive to be known as the highest quality MSP in Brazil. We see managed services, and the SolarWinds N-able approach to proactive monitoring and management, as an important factor in our ability to maintain the highest levels of satisfaction across our client base.”

– Luciano Barbosa, Founder and CEO, Strati

“As an MSP, we’ve always aligned ourselves with partners who are on the same page as us, and who are in business to help us provide our customers with the best service possible.SolarWinds N-able is a perfect example of a partnership that works.”
“SolarWinds N-able has been a very good partner to us. They are always responsive to our needs and available to point us in the right direction. It has been valuable to work in partnership with them through the years, especially as we’ve seen our business really take off.”
“When all is said and done, my view of SolarWinds N-able is simple. It's a revenue generator for our business.”
“Seafair IT gains a global reach from SolarWinds N-able by SolarWinds ®
"Using SolarWinds N-able’s software, we can be more aggressive on pricing, as a result, and win more deals. And with advanced reporting through SolarWinds N-able’s Report Manager, we keep existing clients aware of the value we provide."
“N-central is proving to be a force multiplier that allows us to run our business more efficiently.”
“Business is better now that we have N-central. It’s much more fluid. We’re now working smarter, not harder.”
“Working with SolarWinds N-able, we can stay ahead of our customers’ needs. SolarWinds N-able listens to our feedback and is simply great to work with.”
“Working with SolarWinds N-able has been great and their technical staff has been excellent. With N-central, it’s easy to show a lot more value and to get our customers converted to managed services.”
“We make a point of staying a step ahead of our competition, and our decision to go with SolarWinds N-able has proven time and time again to be a great one. SolarWinds N-able has always pointed us in the right direction when it comes to taking the next important steps in our business.”
“We feel good about doing business with SolarWinds N-able. Their technical team is excellent and their business advice has been invaluable to us as well.”
“Our customers like the fixed pricing model and we like the direction our business is taking in the MSP market. Having SolarWinds N-able at our side to support our goals has made a big difference.”
“We want to bring more of our SMBs into the ease and convenience of a cloud-managed environment and we’re counting on SolarWinds N-able to help us not only get the job done, but also drive strong growth for our business in 2013.”
“Automation through N-central allows us to run a leaner, smarter organization and provide a higher level of service, support and ROI to our customers.”
“We love SolarWinds N-able. They work with us so closely and always strive to help us be successful. It’s a true partnership that continues to grow as our journey into managed services evolves.”
“When we first got started as an MSP, I felt we needed to change and move away from being a reseller. SolarWinds N-able was an easy choice for us. They helped us get the business off the ground and elevate our game with a higher level of support.”
"We can run our business more efficiently with N-central. From fast and easy deployment and configuration of services for customers, to fully automated help desk capabilities, N-central offers everything we need."
"A lot of the initial triage is already done for us by N-central, which cuts down our workload out the gate. Also, now that we're automating the level one work as much as possible, we can put skilled engineers on projects that need skilled engineers and run our business smarter. It's just another reason why we value our relationship with SolarWinds N-able."
"We doubled our business in the first nine months of 2007 compared to 2006. By August of 2008, we achieved the same revenues in eight months that we did in 12 months last year."
Partners Who Made The Switch
“We went from delivering services reactively to delivering those same services proactively with N-central.”

– Daniel Butt, Owner & Managing Director, Danet Technology

“The first thing we noticed about N-central is that it's very robust, allowing us to do more without adding staff.”

Martin Thurgate, Director & GM, Diamond IT

“Doherty Associates puts Managed Services and Cloud On Cruise Control with SolarWinds N-able”
“We quickly switched to SolarWinds N-able and had N-central up and running in an hour and were applying patches within a few days.”

Jeff Hughes, Managing Partner, Hermetic Networks

“We have fewer dragons to fight now that we have SolarWinds N-able’s N-central in-house. Becoming an SolarWinds N-able partner has made it easier for us to concentrate on growing our business and not focus so much on how we deliver services.”

George Hefter, President and Owner, TCT Computer Solutions

“We simply needed better monitoring and, out of the box, SolarWinds N-able monitored better than our previous RMM solution ever did.”

Patrick Leonard, Vice President, My IT

“It all comes down to a better customer focus. Our requests don’t fall on deaf ears. They really listen at SolarWinds N-able and work with us to make it happen.”

Louwki Coetsee, Support Manager, Netsurit

"Before SolarWinds N-able’s D2D, we’d be telling customers, ‘your backups are not adequate,’ but with Backup Manager, we take all concern out of the equation."

Dave Walls, President, Corsica Technologies

"Automation Manager is phenomenal. We’re counting on it to fuel our ability to double the business in 2013. With our routine tasks automated, our staff will have more time to focus on driving growth and customer success."

Adnaan Talibhusein, Director, Owner and Founder of Xara Computers

"From day one, SolarWinds N-able demonstrated that their support was superior to Kaseya’s, and their technology – from Autotask integration to monitoring, automation, reporting and antivirus – worked better than any other platform we saw."

Jakobus Koorts, CEO, Numata

"N-central 9.0 - A better way to MSP Automation"

"The arrival of N-central 9.0 from managed services platform vendor SolarWinds N-able represents a significant advance in user-friendly automation which takes the idea of return on investment to a whole new level." ...

"Increasing IT sales withSolarWinds N-able's N-central 9.0"

"We found after close inspection of N-central 9.0 that its Automation Manager can quickly deploy pre-built workflow scripts that address all the needs and challenges of a business IT network." ...

"Breaking, then Fixing, your Business Model with N-central 9.0"

"The better the MSP’s network is running, the better it can deliver services to its customers. We found that N-central 9.0 fits perfectly into this equation." ...