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SolarWinds N-able Technologies is the preferred global supplier of remote monitoring and management technology and business support services for managed service providers and IT Professionals. SolarWinds N-able's proven platforms offer the right combination of technology, people and processes, which help IT service organizations deliver cost effective, highly efficient services.

Business-Building White Papers

Six Steps to a Great Marketing Program

Want to find more leads and generate more sales? This white paper discusses how you can have a big marketing impact without having a big budget. Even with limited marketing resources, you can still build a highly effective marketing program for your managed services business. Loaded with checklists and tips, this white paper offers strategies to help you create your own personalized marketing template.

Building an MSP Business Starts with Building Trust: How standardized, automated reports can help MSPs become a trusted advisor to their customers

Trusted advisors have significant influence on customers' decisions on future IT investments, and MSPs who earn that trust gain a tremendous opportunity to build and grow their business. With the right reporting tool in place, MSPs can quickly and easily demonstrate their value by answering questions such as "What specifically have you done for us today?" and "How have you saved our money today?" Download this white paper today to learn how to grow your business by demonstrating and quantifying the service you provide to your customers using automated, standardized reports.

How to Deal with a Perfect Storm of Disruption in the Managed Services Business

Managed Service Providers are bracing for more change in the next two years than they’ve seen in the past 15. Drivers that are creating a perfect storm of disruption include new competitors, converging technologies, and IT everywhere. To get candid insights on the top industry drivers and what you can do to stay on top or ahead of the change curve, download this complimentary report now.

Managed or DIY Backup - Talk to your Customers about Options

As someone who your customers trust, you have the opportunity to demonstrate how a managed back up program can solve one of the most frightening issues that your customers face - loss of data. Download this whitepaper today to learn what to look for in managed backup, how to discuss the benefits of managed backup with your customers, who should manage the backup, and more!

Marketing Managed Cloud Services without Saying "Cloud"

Ready to explore the ways that you can market and sell cloud based managed services to the right customers at the right time, adding value and revenue to your business? Download this white paper today to learn why not every customer is ready for the cloud, how to sell to the right customers at the right time and how to focus on the right value.

MSP Automation Breakthrough

Based on extensive interviews and surveys of top performing, high growth MSPs around the world, whitepaper "MSP Automation Breakthrough" highlights the key requirements of a next-generation automation solution that will enable you to deliver standardized and repeatable IT services to your customers.

MSP Profit Watch: Master the Shift from Basic Monitoring to Optimized End-user Experiences

The MSP landscape is changing rapidly - commoditization of traditional managed services like PC and server monitoring, cloud computing, mobile devices and more. And yet progressive MSPs are not only surviving, but thriving. How is it possible for an MSP to leverage these changes to increase their margins and continue to add value to their customers? We asked our customers just how they were capitalizing on these changes and adapting their businesses to meet the shifts.

Overcoming the 6 Top Obstacles to Managed Service Success

If you are looking at getting into managed services or you've made the leap and are now struggling to sell new managed services contracts or grow your recurring revenue to the expected level, this paper will provide valuable insights about the key obstacles that prevent MSPs from realizing their full potential.

Selling Cloud Services to the Right Customers

With the adoption rate of cloud-based services showing no sign of slowing, MSP’s need to ensure that they continue to generate revenue and create value. Get some great hints to help you transition your key customers to cloud services.

So You Want to Become an Managed Services Provider?

Faced with increasing commoditization of their core services, fierce price competition and razor-thin margins, more and more telecom service providers and value-added resellers (VARs) are choosing to make the transition to the managed services business, making it possible to generate new sources of recurring revenue and increase the overall value they can deliver to both new and existing customers. This white paper provides several important insights into how you can make a successful transition to MSP.

The 7 Keys to MSP Success

This white paper illustrates how the world's most successful and profitable MSPs deliver consistent, repeatable, scalable services with optimal efficiency—and dominate their market. SolarWinds N-able works with over 3,000 MSPs around the world, and over the past several years we have seen our top-performing partners consistently grow profitable, scalable businesses with recurring revenues, and achieve improved business valuations. In this paper, we've boiled See how you can achieve new levels of efficiency, productivity, and profitability through a dramatically different approach to your business.

Why Patch Management Matters

Despite the constant stream of drama-filled news about the latest security exploits, many businesses lag behind in making an investment in patch management. Download this white paper for some great data and hard numbers on patch management and some tips on how to get your customers on a regular patch management program including the costs and consequences of poor patch management, the return on investment of managed patching and how to overcome customer objections to managed patching.

Technology-Focused White Papers

Quantify Your Value, Keep Your Customers Informed: The Reporting Advantage

Do your clients see the full value of the managed services you provide? Do your customers view you as their trusted advisor? Have a look at "The MSP Report Advantage" and learn why reporting is an invaluable part of the managed services you provide.

The Automation Imperative

Want to learn how to reduce your costs, increase your revenue, and monitor and manage your customer's networks without interruption? Read this new whitepaper and learn how automating routine IT tasks not only makes your job simpler and saves you time and money, it benefits your clients when you can resolve issues without interrupting their business.

The Help Desk and the NOC: What MSPs Need and Why

Critical to the success of virtually every high growth managed service provider (MSP) are network operation centers (NOCs) and help desks. MSPs with high performing NOCs and help desk can find these services are a vital underpinning to their successful operations. This whitepaper discusses NOCs and help desk, and what factors MSPs should consider when setting them up.

Using Managed Endpoint Security to Grow Your Managed Services Business

Customer acquisition is the overwhelming top business priority and an elusive challenge for most MSPs. This paper shows how MSPs can usemanaged endpoint security to establish an easier point of access into the SMB market, win more business — and finally deliver on the promise of fixed-fee managed services.

Why You Need Backup and Disaster Recovery

Sooner or later, you could find yourself in a situation where you are at risk of losing some or all of your network, your data and your customers' data too. Download this white paper to learn why you need a backup and disaster recovery plan, and how it can not only protect your business, but can help you win customers and make you money.

Vertical-Focused White Papers

New Revenue and Profit Opportunities for Service Providers

Learn how to generate new recurring revenues from higher-value, higher-margin Managed Services. Download this special report from SolarWinds N-able to find out what drivers are fueling demand for Managed Services, why Managed Services is a natural extension of your core service provider business, how Managed Services leverages your most important strategic assets, and more.

The Managed Network Services Business Case

Learn how MFP companies are building recurring revenue and increasing profits through managed network services.