BEE Features
Business and technical services that deliver results for MSPs.

SolarWinds N-able's Business e-Training Essentials is the only suite of online resources in the industry that allows a company to create managed services offerings from the ground up, along with supporting materials for sales and marketing. All of these are highly customizable – not rigid samples.


  • All program elements are available 24×7 in the online SolarWinds N-able Resource Center
  • Flexible, empowering you to create unique service offerings and associated sales and marketing materials
  • No-cost business training solution that is included with most N-central software purchases
  • Built on proven concepts, methodologies and resources used by SolarWinds N-able in more than 600 successful Blueprint for Success engagements
  • Fast and easy to learn, enabling you to complete your first pass through the training and tools in as little as one day
  • Self-guided and self-paced, allowing you to work and progress at your desired speed.
  • Fully compatible with SolarWinds N-able's Blueprint for Success, should you plan to pursue one


  • Less time, money and effort to develop, market and sell new IT services
  • Shorter learning curve and reduced workload for building an MSP practice
  • Less risk following SolarWinds N-able's proven pathway to managed services success

Program Elements

  • Flysheet Creator – This award-winning tool leverages a comprehensive library of best practice sales and marketing messaging, allowing you to select your preferred content into an optimal design layout. Use it to create a professional flysheet in just minutes.
  • Feature Catalogue – Allows you to build a complete, categorized inventory of the services your company offers and instantly output it to a downloadable PDF document.
  • Program Builder – Uses Feature Catalogue information in conjunction with SolarWinds N-able University's proprietary program development methodology to present best-practice service combinations to the user, and allows rapid output as a PDF program document.
  • 10 e-learning courses with content applicable to responsive, proactive or managed service providers
  • Ready-to-use templates and forms
    • Sales proposals, service agreements, presentations
  • Easy-to-follow guides
    • Preparing sales proposals, service agreements, business and technical assessments