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VoIP Business Transition

Several industry trends are driving systemic changes in the VoIP reseller and phone system provider markets.

The service provider market for VoIP services looks robust as many small-to-mid size businesses (SMBs) have embraced VoIP as their telecom technology of choice. However, like many businesses, VoIP resellers have been impacted by emerging technology trends that are pushing VoIP resellers to reevaluate their service strategy to prevent increased competition from IT service organizations.


The commoditization of VoIP equipment

Many VoIP and phone system providers are eyeing these trends with concern – are you?

  • The entry of low end VoIP providers that are driving margins to the brink of extinction
  • Growth in hosted systems at the expense of equipment sales
  • The move to cloud computing – and less dependence on infrastructure

Some industry experts think these trends are putting the future of VoIP and the Public Switched Telephone network in real question. And why many VoIP and phone system providers are transitioning to Managed Services as a way to add breakthrough value to their customers.

Managed Services: a Greenfield opportunity

With SolarWinds N-able Technologies you can transition to a managed services model that will put your VoIP business on an immediate path to higher-value, higher-margin services that are a natural complement to your core VoIP product offerings.

  • Rapidly diversify your value proposition and service offerings from voice centric, to voice and data
  • Generate new sources of recurring revenue
  • Increase your value to existing and new customers
  • Differentiate your VoIP business in an increasingly commoditized marketplace
  • Obtain a competitive advantage due to lower customer acquisition costs
  • Leverage the considerable loyalty and equity in existing customer relationships


SolarWinds N-able offers a proven MSP business transformation

The SolarWinds N-able MSP solution includes the critical technology, business support and coaching to quickly transition your VoIP business to managed services:

  • N-Central: the #1 rated Remote Monitoring and Management platform with Endpoint security
  • Business transformation services including web based self-guided training and one-on-one coaching from a Partner Development Specialist
  • Knowledge management portal
  • Helpdesk and network operations center (NOC) services
  • Best practices for configuring and using the technology, and
  • A complete sales and marketing system for new customer acquisition.


Proven benefits

The SolarWinds N-able MSP Program provides an unmatched combination of technology and partner support. Your VoIP business will receive the following benefits:

  • Lower service delivery costs: the SolarWinds N-able MSP Program is designed from the ground up to ensure you can maximize the utilization rates of your technicians and staff. The result is a low service delivery cost that improves your bottom line and keeps you competitive.
  • Increased revenue: new, higher value services combined with high technician utilization rates and improved sales and marketing capabilities translates into higher margin business.
  • Highly-differentiated service offering: get a leg up on your competition – without any software development experience.
  • Faster, less costly time to market: SolarWinds N-able delivers an unprecedented level of business transformation support to help you quickly provide compelling managed service to the small- and medium-sized business market.
  • Increased business valuation: one of the key benefits of managed services is an annuity-based revenue stream. Steady, guaranteed monthly revenue instead of ad-hoc projects and product sales not only increases the value of your business but also improves your profitability by helping you attract new customers and retain existing ones.

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