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Installing Backup Manager - StorageCraft

  1. Find your download of
  2. Build your test plan
    1. Identify which machines will be backed up
    2. Identify your backup destination (We recommend one destination per customer site.)

For the Protected Machines

  1. On each protected machine, click to install the Backup Client (ShadowProtectSetup_MSP_5.0.4.exe).
    NOTE: You can install on as many systems as you want.
  2. Once installation is complete, your system will need to reboot before you may begin using StorageCraft.

For the Destination Server

  1. On the destination server, click to install the ImageManager software (ImageManager-6-Setup.exe)
  2. Start managing your backup images
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  4. Click “Start Managing Folders” from the Managed Folder Tasks section
  5. Choose the root folder path that contains the files for the first protected machine
  6. Enter in domain credentials if the folder has permissions that require it
  7. Click “Save”
  8. Repeat for all protected machines
  • Confirm retention and consolidation settings
  1. Click on “Agent Settings” under Agent Tasks
  2. Click on the Global Retention tab
  3. Confirm that the retention settings meet your needs. By default, Image Manager keeps the original incremental backups for 7 days, consolidates them into daily backup files and keeps those for 15 days, and then consolidates them into weekly files that are kept for 90 days.
    1. This means that in the first 7 days you will have full granularity in your restore points. Between 8 and 15 days you will have daily restore points. Between 16 and 90 days you will have weekly restore points. After 90 days you will have monthly restore points.
    2. Reducing the restore points will help to reduce the data used by the backup.
  4. Click “ Cleanup Consolidated Monthly Image Files (-cm)”
    1. This will allow you to take advantage of the continuous incremental feature.
    2. Set the retention to meet your needs.

It's that easy, you can start using the evaluation right away. Check out the documentation below for how to’s and common use cases. The trial will last for 15 days from the date of installation.

Interested in trialing the Replication and/or HeadStart Restore components? Contact your sales rep or for the appropriate license.

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Interested in trialing the Replication and/or HeadStart Restore components? Contact your sales rep or for the appropriate license.


When will it be integrated?
Integrating Backup Manager StorageCraft into SolarWinds N-able is a priority. We will be introducing the introduction in a staged approach in upcoming releases. Our development team is currently working on the first phase of integration. To get more information about releases, please see the “What We Are Working On” posts in the SolarWinds N-able blog.

What does the download include?
The download includes...

  1. ShadowProtect 5 – in order to backup your machines and server, workstation, or virtual guest.
  2. Image Manager 6 – in order to verify and consolidate your image files. The component is also used for replication if you have signed up for the Replication trial license.
  3. N-central monitoring service – An N-central custom monitoring service has been created to monitor ShadowProtect backups until full integration is complete. Instructions for applying the service are in the download package. Backup Manager – StorageCraft data is also available in Report Manager reports.


If you would like to evaluate Replication or HeadStart Restore (virtual standby), please contact us at

Where can I get help?
For assistance – contact

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