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We would like to invite you to download our free white paper "The Case for Managed Services" from the experts on managed services at SolarWinds N-able technologies.

Over the past year,SolarWinds N-able's Managed Service Provider (MSP) partners were able to expand their client base by an average of 71%. You'll get details on the MSP Program responsible for this remarkable growth in our free white paper.

Many copier and equipment vendors like you are making the move to managed services to avoid commoditization and generate new, recurring revenue. It's a natural and easy move for many because it leverages the equity in existing client relationships. That could be true for your copier business too.

Specifically you'll discover:

  • 4 critical trends that demand a new strategy for your copier business
  • Why becoming a Managed Services Provider is an easy and natural migration strategy
  • Essential elements of a successful MSP program to transform your copier business
  • The comprehensive MSP program from SolarWinds N-able Technologies® and how this reduces risks while ensuring a smooth transition to managed services
  • How you can quickly make the move to managed services with the help of a Master MSP

As a bonus for visiting us we are also providing you with the opportunity to take advantage of a special offer exclusive to all Xerox partner summit attendees:

  • Free unlimited Essential licenses until Sept 30th, 2011
  • Free Unlimited Endpoint Security licenses until Sept 30th, 2011
    • Must purchase a min. of 100 nodes of professional (hosted or on-premise)
  • On or before Sept 30th, 2011, (on a single Purchase Order), Customers will have the ability to purchase nodes of Essentials and Endpoint security for a discounted price of $1 combined.

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We truly...

  • Generate new sources of recurring revenue
  • Increase your value to existing and new customers

Managed Services: a Greenfield opportunity

Adding managed services to your copier business, and becoming a Managed Services Provider (MSP), is an important Greenfield opportunity. Managed Services provides an immediate path to higher-value, higher-margin services that are a natural complement to your core equipment based product offering.

The SolarWinds N-able MSP Program gives your copier business an unmatched combination of industry leading technology and partner support. It has been tested by over 2,200 global partners servicing 25,000 customers, and has been used to generate millions of dollars in managed services revenue.