3rd September, 2020

Multi-Tenancy in the Cloud

When advising customers on choosing a cloud computing environment, managed services providers (MSPs) should have a strong understanding of which implementations will best serve customer needs. One key distinction is...

30th September, 2019

VM Cloning Overview

Virtual machines play an important role in today’s software environments. Put simply, a virtual machine is a software emulation of a hardware system. Hyper-V and VMware are the two most...

24th July, 2019

How to Create a Virtual Drive

Discover how to create a virtual drive on Windows 10, and learn how creating a virtual drive can help add a layer of security to your business’s sensitive information.

15th July, 2019

What’s the Difference Between OneDrive and SharePoint

The nature of work is changing. For many companies, remote work is becoming more than an added bonus—it’s becoming a norm. According to Gallup, 43% of U.S. employees work remotely at least...

20th February, 2019

Google Drive Security Best Practices

Interested in learning about Google Drive security? Read through common G Suite security features and best practices to help ensure that your data is safeguarded from potential loss

17th August, 2018

How Secure Are Cloud Networks in 2018?

With cloud computing sweeping across the enterprise world, Danny Bradbury looks at the current state of cloud security and what organizations need to be aware of.

11th May, 2018

Common Hyper-V Problems and How to Fix Them

Although Hyper-V has come a long way since its debut with Server 2008, some issues persist. Brien Posey looks at the most common ones and how to overcome them.

27th October, 2017

Don’t Forget the Broadband

Bandwidth is one area that is overlooked by businesses moving to the cloud. Pedro Pereira offers three best practices to help with proper planning.

29th August, 2017

Virtual Infrastructures: Hyper-V vs VMware

If you're planning on moving to a virtual infrastructure, do you go with VMware or Hyper-V? We look at the differences between the two platforms.

13th July, 2017

Understanding Software-Defined Networking

It’s here, it’s delivering real business benefits, and it isn’t going away. Software-Defined Networking (SDN) is changing the way that we think about networks altogether, making them more flexible and efficient. But...