SolarWinds MSP is becoming N-able

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24th March, 2021

Does your business (really) need an email continuity solution?

Despite several new communication channels and methods popping up in recent years, email continues to play a critical role in business communications and operations. Email is ubiquitous, used for both...

16th March, 2021

How to Detect and Prevent Business Email Compromise

Business email compromises (BECs) are financial scams that typically target companies and employees that carry out wire transfers. They’re usually more sophisticated than typical phishing schemes, and require a mixture of...

10th March, 2021

Seven Tips on How to Identify Malware Threats in Business Email

Despite constant advances in IT security, cybercrime continuously evolves to keep up. Cybercriminals always strive to get ahead of improved IT security systems by leveraging new technologies and techniques to...

14th October, 2020

6 Cybersecurity Tips for Business Email

Find out how an email cybersecurity solution can improve business email continuity and provide your MSP with an extra layer of protection.

9th September, 2020

What Is DMARC Email Security and How Do You Implement It?

You’ve likely heard plenty of horror stories about email-based cyberattacks in the past few years. Social engineering has become a rising threat to business email and it’s reported that losses...