Executive Vice President, General Counsel

Peter Anastos

Peter Anastos brings over 20 years of general counsel experience to his role, having previously served in senior leadership roles in legal and human resource functions for both private and public companies across various industries. Peter leads the legal and corporate development functions at N-able (formerly SolarWinds MSP). Prior to joining N-able, Peter most recently served as general counsel at Access Information Management, a leading records and information management company, and Cynosure, Inc., a leading laser medical device company before its acquisition by Hologic, Inc. in 2017. Before that, Peter served as general counsel at Airvana, Inc., where Peter played a key role in its successful IPO in 2007, subsequent acquisition by a private equity firm in 2010, and following sale to a strategic buyer in 2013.

Peter Anastos

Executive Vice President, General Counsel

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