20th März, 2012

Sales proposals: The good, the bad and the ugly

As an IT Managed Service Provider looks to grow their business, bringing on-board new small business clients is often the highest priority. By building a strong Marketing plan and consistently...

13th März, 2012

How to Structure a Strategic Alliance

I have written before about why building strategic alliances can help your MSP business. If this is an unfamiliar concept, feel free to read over my earlier article for a...

31st Januar, 2012

Should I Be Using Google+?

One of the questions I’ve been asked a lot lately is should I be using Google+? Google+ is Google’s latest foray into the Social Networking market. Google has tried this before...

28th November, 2011

The importance of vendor management for MSPs

While the term “Managed Services” is subjective as relates to the IT industry, I like to favor the following definition. To me, an SMB managed IT service is one where...

6th Oktober, 2011

Building an IT Operations Manual - Client Documentation

My blog post entitled, “How to Create an IT Operations Manual for your Business”, generated quite a bit of feedback from IT companies, with the most common question being “Where should...

29th August, 2011

MSP Sales Brochures

See how to incorporate MSP sales brochures into your integrated marketing campaigns to find potential customers.

16th August, 2011

Email Marketing Templates

Let's face it, email marketing has gotten a bad rap. A REAL bad rap. That's because unsolicited emails are also known under a different name. And that name is Spam.

18th Juli, 2011

Managed Services Templates - SLAs

Service Level Agreements are one of the best ways to maintain a happy and satisfied customer base. In an SLA, you and your customers spell out what your expectations are...

12th Juli, 2011

Exactly what is an MSP?

Wondering what an MSP is? Learn more about Managed Service Providers and the services they provide like server monitoring and maintenance.

7th Juni, 2011

Branding for MSPs

Following up on the popular article 'Hiring a web professional', I will volunteer some detailed advice on branding your IT Support company. This article aims to provide practical, 'action-able'