Protect critical business documents with affordable, lightweight document backup software

Critical documents can be lost in a variety of ways, from lost laptops to cyberattacks to workstation hardware failure. N-able Backup Documents offers an efficient and affordable way to protect key documents and protect clients from data loss.

This documentation platform automatically combs your workstations for documents and backs them up twice a day. Since this solution focuses on backing up documents instead of entire operating systems or system states, it offers a lower price point for affordable data recovery. Backup Documents is an excellent choice for customers who don’t want to invest in full device data protection but need a reliable way to protect and recover important data.

Automatic 28-day retention gives you 56 restore points for recovery and backups are stored in the N-able private cloud. Plus, unlimited cloud storage is included with your license.

Unlock client knowledge for more efficient and consistent service delivery

A document management solution means more than just secure document access—it also means more consistent service delivery and satisfied customers. N-able Passportal and IT Documentation Manager helps you standardize the documentation process across all your customers. You can conveniently work with linked passwords, documents, assets, and more from one intuitive tool, enabling faster and more effective service delivery.

With all relevant customer information at their fingertips, your technicians can respond to issues, onboard new customers and employees, and resolve tickets more efficiently. If a technician leaves, you don’t have to worry that critical customer details are lost. This feature builds a robust knowledge base, guards against data loss due to employee turnover, and helps ensure consistent service delivery for your entire customer base.

Control access to documentation for maximum security

Managing network security for large or complex organizations in today’s rapidly changing threat landscape is challenging, but documentation management solutions can help you keep your customers secure. Granular access with N-able Passportal gives you total control over permissions, enabling you to dictate exactly which parts of a system your technicians can and cannot access.

This solution helps you more easily enforce the principle of least privilege. Your employees have access to all the documents they need to work productively and nothing they don’t, which empowers them to execute their role without compromising the security of the larger organization.

For added protection and efficiency, Passportal also features credential injection capabilities, password change automation, auditing, and much more.

Boost operational efficiency and demonstrate compliance with document management solutions

The benefits of cloud document management are numerous: enhanced security, better backup and disaster recovery, easier document retrieval, and more. A document management solution can help you unlock these benefits and improve your business at the same time.

With N-able Passportal and IT Documentation Manager, you can make documentation management easier with standardized MSP documentation across customers and simplified knowledge sharing. Per-document access control and integration with Passportal can also help you demonstrate compliance by enforcing best-practice password management.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is document management?

What is document management?

Document management refers to the overseeing, storing, and tracking of an organization’s written or electronic documents. Document management used to only include electronic documents that were created on a computer or paper documents that were scanned onto a computer, but the definition has since expanded to include emails, presentations, files, faxes, messages, and other mediums.

Document management is primarily used for compliance purposes, but is also useful for staying organized, retaining a place of reference for information, and increasing efficiency.

Some key functions of document management include:

  • Securely storing documents in a centralized location
  • Recovering previous versions of a document in case of error
  • Building an audit trail

Why is document management important for MSPs?

Why is document management important for MSPs?

MSPs rely on key documents to help them stay organized, demonstrate compliance, and manage the large quantities of data they work with everyday so they can ensure successful service delivery. MSPs use document management solutions to make sure that sharing, changing, and transferring documents makes their jobs easier, instead of slowing them down. Customers are also more likely to trust MSPs that have efficient processes for handling sensitive documents.

MSPs also use document management solutions to protect sensitive information by storing it securely and having backup and recovery options in place. Extending these capabilities to their customers gives them peace of mind and can make all the difference in the event of a disaster.

Finally, MSPs can benefit from reducing their reliance on paper by storing all their files in a document management system. Going paperless saves money on printing, storing, filing, and maintenance, plus it makes finding information easier with search capabilities. MSPs can put thousands of productive hours back into their year by using a document management solution that eliminates data loss and makes workflows more efficient.

How does a document management solution work?

How does a document management solution work?

At the most basic level, a document management solution captures documents, stores them in a centralized location, and distributes them appropriately as necessary.

IT documentation tools typically rely on indexing, a way to classify documents for faster retrieval, for document capture. This makes it possible to add identifying terms to the document’s metadata that will make it easier to find it later. Electronic documents from emails, automatically generated reports, and applications can be captured instantly, but paper documents must be scanned into the system.

From there, the documents go into cloud storage. Data retention times will vary based on the particular document management solution, but as long as you’re within the data retention period you will be able to retrieve your documents from anywhere and at any time.

What are the benefits of using a document management solution?

What are the benefits of using a document management solution?

Between contracts, emails, tech ticket reports, and other sensitive business documents, today’s MSPs are responsible for managing more customer data than ever before. Unfortunately, all this data is often spread out across a variety of different platforms and services like OneDrive, Dropbox, email attachments, and more. With so many disparate systems, it can be difficult or impossible to find important data when needed.

The primary benefit of document management solutions is easy data retrieval. These systems store all your documents in one place so that you always know where to find them and know that they’re secure. Document management solutions also make demonstrating compliance much easier.

Other benefits of document management include:

  • Faster ticket resolution times
  • More consistent service delivery due to clearly documented processes
  • Faster onboarding for technicians and customers
  • Better backup and disaster recovery

Improve service delivery for customers with document management solutions

  • Boost efficiency and keep all client knowledge in one place
  • Keep sensitive documents safe with granular access
  • Unlock the benefits of cloud document management