Provide asset history and accountability to offer fast, reliable customer service

Maintaining accurate records and documents for customer assets is an essential responsibility for MSPs—and one that can quickly become inefficient without the right tools.

N-able RMM integrates with tools that provide IT asset management capabilities, like N-able MSP Manager and N-able Passportal™. MSP Manager helps you track asset histories and configuration changes to deliver fast, reliable, and consistent service to your customers.

An intuitive interface and easy-to-navigate dashboard allow you to see at-a-glance assets and alerts. Combined with the remote monitoring capabilities and layers of security in RMM, you can help prevent downtime and better support your customers by proactively resolving issues.

Manage assets and help desk tickets from the same IT asset tracker software

As an MSP, there is no shortage of options when it comes to how you choose to document critical asset information. There are many tools that allow you to easily record, store, and share information regarding the systems you are responsible for managing. However, most of these options do not provide much assistance in integrating this data into your workflow and ticketing processes.

N-able RMM makes it possible to combine the functionality of IT asset management software with a help desk ticketing system. By adding asset information to tickets, you also begin to gather important performance and profitability data to help you understand which devices are raising more issues or taking up more technician time. Streamline your ticket workflow, help prevent downtime, and optimize performance with IT asset management tracking software.

Conduct proactive maintenance on IT assets for secure and smooth operations

Even before customers have technical issues that need your attention, an IT asset management tool should allow you to proactively perform routine maintenance on IT assets. When issues do arise, MSPs need rapid remote access features that empower technicians to resolve problems quickly and easily.

N-able RMM includes fast remote access capabilities that allow you to help fix issues on the fly—and often before they impact your customer. This solution goes beyond traditional IT asset management software to offer intuitive one-click access to any asset under management in a matter of seconds. Powerful diagnostic tools make it easy to understand what kind of maintenance necessary, and layered security tools like N-able Passportal are integrated into your IT asset management tool to help keep assets secure from cybercriminals.

Gather critical data about IT assets to power informed business decisions

  • Increase asset accountability to improve customer service
  • Capture asset information alongside ticket
    details to monitor profitability and performance
  • Keep customer information under layers of security