Capture essential information

N-able Passportal + Documentation Manager is built to help technical teams within Managed Service Providers (MSPs) and other IT organizations to streamline onboarding and ensure techs have the information they need at their fingertips. The centralized, structured repository of data can include client networks, systems, passwords, and other resources, including the following:

  • Managed assets, devices, and systems
  • Domain registrations, MX records settings, SSL certificates
  • Applications and services such as Active Directory
  • Passwords and management credentials

Passportal is designed to keep key information organized, standardized, and easily accessible for clients large and small.

Passportal documentation

Make resources easily available with a cloud-based solution

Passportal is designed to standardize resources across your clients and provide a centralized and secure hub you can access from anywhere. A central location with built-in access management controls helps streamline processes and provide ease-of-use while you are managing complex enterprise infrastructures and numerous endpoints.

This ease-of-use extends to using the Passportal dashboard. Passportal + Documentation Manager allows you to designate information as internal or external and tie documentation to credentials management and key files for efficiency gains. You can also use pre-set templates, organize articles, and group them for easy access.

Passportal documentation template

Set standards across clients

Out of the box, Passportal includes ready-to-use documentation templates that are flexible enough for you to customize as needed. With templates in hand, you can better ensure that you’re capturing all the information you need for each asset.

It also helps ensure that files, credentials, and licensing are automatically kept up to date—while also giving you the ability to customize your templates to meet the needs of each customer. With this tool, you’ll also be able to document how your applications and services are configured for each of your clients’ systems.

Passportal automated workflow

Alleviate support load

Passportal can help reduce the time you spend handling common requests like setting up email accounts on a new smartphone or connecting to the office from home for the first time. You can easily access documents and send them straight to your clients, freeing up your time for more pressing tasks.

Documentation is simple to share, export, and publish in a variety of formats, including PDFs, web links, and through other channels. Passportal also allows your technicians to safely share passwords—and can even seamlessly inject credentials into remote sessions with Take Control for even faster resolution times.

Help ensure a secure process

Keeping your customers’ documentation organized and up to date can be quite the chore when handled manually. That’s why Passportal can be vital resource for supporting your IT compliance strategy. The software can help streamline and standardize overcomplicated structures (internally and client-side) and can even help reproduce lost documents in the event someone accidentally deletes something.

To help ensure premium security, the Passportal cloud-based solutions are backed by military-grade AES-256 encryption, compliance, and multifactor authentication measures.

Passportal company's credentials

Efficiently manage passwords across your business

Passportal is designed to be an encryption-focused password management platform that allows you to generate complex passwords with minimal effort—and then eliminate their reuse and ensure that all credentials are regularly updated and rotated. At the same time, Passportal provides a highly accessible password management experience without sacrificing security, even allowing you to link passwords to specific documents for even more efficient management. Automated solutions enable rapid onboarding for new end users and technicians, while integrations with RMM and PSA platforms further extend the value gained with Passportal.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What documentation manager integrations does Passportal support?

What documentation manager integrations does Passportal support?

Passportal offers integrations for RMM, PSA, and remote connection applications, including:

  • N-able N-central® and RMM, allowing you to sync devices directly into Passportal, where it can then be associated with other assets
  • Auvik’s network auto discovery tools, which directly integrate into the Passportal platform
  • RMM applications from Continuum, Datto, Ninja, and others, allowing users to sync device data directly into Passportal
  • PSA software, including ConnectWise PSA and Datto Autotask PSA, providing your team with one-click access to client documentation
  • ConnectWise Control remote access tools and ConnectWise Automate
  • Kaseya VSA and BMS

Why is it important to have a documentation add-on to your password management solution?

Why is it important to have a documentation add-on to your password management solution?

Today, password security is more critical than ever. Experts across the industry agree: an encrypted and secure system for storing and managing your customer’s sensitive and important documentation is key to helping ensure that bad actors, accidental user errors, and other cybersecurity threats can’t access critical security objects and other assets.

One way to improve security is to restrict access to assets solely to the stakeholders who really need to access them. Passportal streamlines this process, giving you granular control over permissions on a per-document basis, while also creating a vault for storing, managing, updating, and sharing credentials, documents, and other critical assets related to your customers’ digital identities.

What kind of data can be centralized by using the Passportal documentation add-on?

What kind of data can be centralized by using the Passportal documentation add-on?

Documentation Manager provides easy-to-access documentation that contains the information you need to support your clients quickly and effectively in a standardized format.

With the ability to relate any article or document in an auto-reversed linking framework, any piece of client knowledge is just one click away, including:

  • Assets
  • Passwords
  • SSL Certificates
  • Domains
  • Vendors
  • Licensing

This framework brings every related piece of your clients‘ IT systems together in an easily consumed manner, and your client information can now be stored in one easy-to-access place while maintaining full control over permissions, access, and audits.

What are the benefits of a centralized documentation solution?

What are the benefits of a centralized documentation solution?

Consolidating your client documentation into a single secured repository offers several benefits, including:

  • More efficient business operations. Empower the whole team to successfully solve issues faster with a single source of truth.
  • Greater visibility. Templates are a great way to create standardized easy-to-use documentation, allowing technicians to gain all the necessary data across your clients quickly and efficiently.
  • Security. The single point of access for your client assets simplifies the process of securing critical data and resources.
  • Improved compliance. Documentation can be more easily monitored and managed from a single centralized location. This allows you to more efficiently implement retention controls while adhering to industry and regulatory standards.

N-able Passportal + Documentation Manager

Bring documentation management into focus

  • Share information seamlessly through standardized files
  • Dramatically shorten your resolution time for client incidents
  • Maintain consistent service delivery with cloud-based document management