Gain deep visibility into devices, workstations, and servers using software to monitor network traffic

For growing MSPs, managing and monitoring an ever-expanding network of devices is one of the most challenging parts of scaling their business. It’s not uncommon for administrators to get overwhelmed by devices and miss potential issues. N-able N-central® is a powerful, agile, and streamlined network performance monitor designed to help MSPs easily monitor traffic and take control of their diverse environments.

The NetPath feature detects network paths from the source server to the destination in any on-premises, cloud, or hybrid environment. You can oversee servers and workstations alongside mobile devices, virtual machines, and network devices—all from a single intuitive dashboard in one network traffic monitoring tool. With NetPath, you’ll know what’s going on in your managed networks.

Use network monitoring to identify issues, troubleshoot effectively, and reduce downtime

Troubleshooting in a complex environment without network traffic monitoring tools can be near impossible. Are performance issues being caused by a lagging application, a faulty device, or something else entirely? Simply determining where to start troubleshooting can be time-consuming and cause downtime.

N-central helps you rapidly identify performance issues from a unified console. This software’s network traffic monitoring tools help you determine what could be causing issues, providing the relevant metrics you need to start issue resolution. NetPath also aids troubleshooting by saving historical data of path performance so you can look into incremental timelines of path history.

Receive proactive notifications about your system to mitigate potential security threats

Even with an enterprise-grade network performance monitor, busy MSPs don’t have the time to constantly watch every aspect of their network to catch performance issues as they occur. They need intelligent systems that proactively alert them to anything that needs their attention so they can act quickly and efficiently.

N-central uses Quality of Service (QoS) performance metrics and network connectivity details gathered from network monitoring to create performance thresholds for your customers’ networks. Once any of these thresholds have been met or surpassed, N-central sends out a targeted alert so you can look into potential performance issues before they affect end users. Also, automatic antivirus scans alert you to potential security threats. Keep your customers’ networks operating with this robust network traffic monitoring tool.

NC Automation dashboard

Increase efficiency and provide better service to customers by leveraging automation

Automation is key to maximizing efficiency, driving scalability, and providing high-quality services to customers—without putting undue strain on an MSP’s resources. However, many network traffic monitoring tools on the market require you to learn complex scripting languages and only offer the bare minimum when it comes to automation. Powerful layered automation capabilities set N-able N-central apart from other solutions.

Automation Manager gives you the power to go beyond simple automation, allowing you to create processes for nearly everything. With our drag-and-drop editor, you can set up sophisticated automated tasks without having to learn complicated scripting languages or proprietary code. You can automate tasks like onboarding, maintenance, and setup to provide consistent service to customers. Gain complete control by creating tailored, automated policies specifically built for your needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is network traffic monitoring?

What is network traffic monitoring?

Network traffic monitoring is the process of reviewing, analyzing, and managing network traffic in order to track any abnormalities that could negatively affect system performance. Network traffic monitoring also includes tracking what devices are connected to the network, what kinds of data those devices are accessing, and how much bandwidth each device is using.

The goal of network traffic monitoring is to make sure all devices on the network remain available. This process should make it easier for MSPs to resolve or mitigate performance issues before they start to affect end users. Most network traffic monitoring tools incorporate packet capturing or network sniffing in their protocols, but other relevant technologies include firewalls, intrusion detection systems, antivirus software, and performance monitoring software.

What is QoS monitoring?

What is QoS monitoring?

Quality of Service (QoS) is an umbrella term referring to any technology that manages network traffic to reduce jitter, latency, or packet loss and improve system performance. QoS can be thought of as a form of triage. Today’s businesses negotiate an extraordinary amount of traffic from many different sources daily, and some kinds of traffic are more business-critical and deserve priority delivery. QoS settings help sort network traffic and ensure that resources are devoted to the most important tasks first to be completed as quickly as possible.

QoS monitoring helps MSPs optimize network performance, utilize resources more efficiently, and provide consistent and reliable service to clients.

What are some significant features you should look for in a network traffic monitoring tool?

What are some significant features you should look for in a network traffic monitoring tool?

The best network traffic monitoring tools help MSPs:

  • Simplify network monitoring. Monitoring every device and network element in your managed network is essential, but it can be hard to do in diverse environments. A network monitoring tool should be simple, easy-to-use, and offer numerous features that streamline network monitoring.
  • Dig deeper into network traffic. Unlocking a comprehensive overview of network elements only scratches the surface of network monitoring. Your network performance monitor of choice should also perform network analysis so you can better understand network performance and drill down on issues.

Utilize automation to save time and resources. Automation makes network traffic monitoring and troubleshooting much faster, plus it can help you cut costs and maximize technician productivity. Also, MSPs can use robust automation to help provide consistent services to their entire client roster.

Dig deep into performance with network traffic monitoring tools

  • Troubleshoot more effectively with network traffic monitoring
  • Proactively address potential security threats that can compromise performance
  • Maximize efficiency with network monitoring powered by automation