Easily manage patches across entire networks with robust patch- management solutions for Windows

Keeping software and applications updated is a vital part of a network’s security. New software patches close off identified risks, but they often include notes describing the vulnerabilities they fix—which savvy hackers can then exploit against organizations falling behind on their updates. That means staying up to date with patches is paramount for complete cybersecurity.

The financial damage caused by cyberthreats remains astronomical. To help prevent this damage, MSPs need to provide their customers with an approach to security that mitigates the risk of successful attacks.

N-able N-central® provides admins with a consolidated network and device remote monitoring and management solution that includes patch management tools for Windows. A single, centralized dashboard provides visibility into patch statuses for devices, even in complex network environments. With N-central patch management, you can even deploy patches for third-party applications across your customer sites.

Automate patch deployment with patch- management capabilities for Microsoft Windows

Staying on top of updates for hundreds or thousands of devices can quickly become time- and labor-intensive—either keeping you from other important tasks or falling to the wayside due to competing priorities.

N-central automates patch management processes from discovery to approvals and all the way through to deployment, allowing you to set and configure rules to help ensure your customers’ devices stay updated and secure. You can schedule patch deployment, so it doesn’t interfere with customer operations, even if devices are off-site.

Let N-central take care of the busy work while you focus on resolving more urgent challenges.

Maximize efficiency and security with one consolidated patch- management solution for Windows

N-able N-central patch management is trusted by thousands of technicians around the globe.

N-able N-central can be used to monitor updates for multiple operating systems—all from the same unified dashboard—including Microsoft Windows. It also includes some benefits specifically for Microsoft Windows patch management. Patch management is capable of deploying Windows 10 feature updates with a single approval, meaning operating system upgrades has never been easier.

The tool integrates with the Microsoft monthly Security Notification Service to deploy critical security updates without accidentally creating incompatibilities with customers’ software (that could lead to costly downtime). N-central also comes with built-in monitoring and self-healing functionality for Windows Update, which helps guarantee devices are healthy and ready for updates without the need for additional third-party tools.

Get patch-management capabilities for Microsoft Windows to boost security

  • Protect customers with a seamless approach to patching
  • Automatically authorize and deploy critical security patches
  • Automate routine patching to allow time for other tasks or projects