9th December, 2021

Selling Doesn't Stop When the Contract is Signed

In this session, we will review: How to design a proper account-management process for your MSP, the critical role strategic business reviews play in helping uncover new sales opportunities and...

14th December, 2021

PowerShell Boot Camp

Join Head Automation Nerd Marc-André Tanguay as he walks you through using PowerShell. Marc will help you: Set up your scripting development environment, Learn basic PowerShell commands, Write your own...

14th December, 2021

Business Office Hours

Join our Head Sales and Marketing Nerd, Stefanie Hammond as she lends you her 16 years of experience helping MSPs build offerings, pricing and go-to-market strategies. Learn why your programs...

15th December, 2021

Leveraging APIs in N-central

Join Head Automation Nerd, Marc-Andre Tanguay as he uncovers how to leverage the N-central API's to meet your needs.

16th December, 2021

Office Hours: Security

Join head security nerd, Lewis Pope as he provides you with a monthly security update that includes patch Tuesday information and other security news you need to be aware of....

16th December, 2021

Leveraging APIs in RMM

Join us as we uncover how to leverage the RMM API's to meet your needs. This session will cover: Leveraging the RMM SOAP API to do basic things like create...

21st December, 2021

Intro to Backup API/Scripting

Join Head Backup Nerd Eric Harless as he introduces you to scripting with the N-able™ Backup command line and API.

21st December, 2021

Office Hours: Operational Efficiency

Efficiency is one of the primary differences between average MSPs and best-in-class MSPs and is often one of the differences between making money and losing money. Join David Wilkeson, CEO,...

22nd December, 2021

Building Services to a Cybersecurity Framework

Join Head Security Nerd Lewis Pope and Head Sales and Marketing Nerd Stefanie Hammond as they explore the exciting opportunities that await when you fortify your security offerings by building...