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Easily manage tickets with enterprise-grade customer portal software

A robust IT ticketing system is at the core of any high-quality customer portal. When customers are facing a technical issue, they want to be able to do everything in one place—filter through a detailed knowledge base to solve the issue themselves, create a ticket if they can’t, communicate with their MSP, and get updates on their ticket.

Without a centralized location to do these things, customer service can be messy and ineffective. N-able MSP Manager combines all the above capabilities to make ticketing simple.

Instead of spending valuable time calling or emailing, your customers can create a new ticket directly from the customer portal. They can enter the information they need (and nothing they don’t) from a single interface, and trust that their issue will be resolved shortly. They can also view ticket status right from the portal for full transparency.

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Get started quickly with easy setup

User-friendliness is of the utmost importance when it comes to customer service portal software—both for your customers and your own team. An effective customer service portal isn’t just intuitive for your end users—it also needs to be easy to navigate and set up for your MSP team.

Since a branded customer portal is included in the N-able MSP Manager platform, it’s simple to get started right away within a suite of convenient customer-focused tools. The intuitive setup process means you can unlock the portal with a few clicks and begin serving your customers quickly.

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Increase brand awareness with branded customer portal software

MSPs don’t have to create their own customer web portal software to unlock a superior customer experience. While MSPs may want the convenience of a vendor-provided customer portal, they should also want to retain their own branding to help build their reputation and identity. N-able MSP Manager does all the heavy lifting while still allowing you to remain true to your brand.

MSP Manager makes it easy to build a custom-branded customer portal that meets your robust service needs. Enter your company URL and logo and configure the design to match your branding with the click of a button. Your brand will always be top of mind when your customers are using the customer portal software, strengthening your client relationships, and helping to ensure that they associate the quality service they receive with your business.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is customer portal software?

What is customer portal software?

Customer portal software is a solution that combines an IT ticketing system, knowledge base, and community forum in one place so that your customers have complete visibility into their interactions with their IT service providers. It provides a single point of access to everything related to MSP services and empowers customers with information to address small issues on their own. Customer service portal software can help build strong client relationships.

Customer portal solutions vary, but common features include:

  • Generating, tracking, and storing tickets
  • Enabling customers to self-service, such as through FAQs or a knowledge base
  • Providing an open line of communication between the customer and the MSP

What should you look for in a customer portal solution?

What should you look for in a customer portal solution?

As a starting point, your customer portal software of choice should:

  1. Feature a robust ticketing system – Users turn to customer portals when they have issues with their service, and a customer portal helps them solve their specific problem—or connects them with someone who can. Ticketing systems automate and streamline this process to make support easier for both the customer and the service team.
  2. Create a knowledge base – Your customer portal solution should also save past tickets in order to create a knowledge base for future troubleshooting. Service providers can look through this information to speed up troubleshooting on repetitive issues, and users can learn how to solve some problems all on their own.
  3. Boast a user-friendly design – Any portal should be clear, intuitive, and designed to meet your customers’ needs.

Does your business need customer web portal software?

Does your business need customer web portal software?

The short answer is yes—today’s top businesses need customer web portal software. Customer portals are quickly becoming the preferred way to interact with a business, with many customers expecting an organization to offer them as a channel for communication.

These portals provide a single point of contact that MSP customers can turn to for help, FAQs, and troubleshooting. In addition, they allow customers the opportunity to resolve service issues on their own or consult a knowledge base to learn how to navigate their needs.

Portals also empower customers to interact with their MSPs at their own convenience, which can ease the burden on customer service representatives. What’s more, the IT ticketing system component of customer portal software can help MSPs stay organized, so issues are resolved more quickly and consistently. Over time, all of this can translate into business success and better client relationships.

What are the benefits of customer service portal software?

What are the benefits of customer service portal software?

There are numerous benefits to using customer service portal software. First and foremost, these solutions often include ticketing systems that improve troubleshooting for both the customer and the MSP. Customers have complete visibility into the actions being taken to resolve their issue, and MSPs have a clear and concise record of their process for troubleshooting and quality control purposes. Open communication can help foster stronger customer relationships, so you can better retain customers with a portal that helps solve issues in a clear and transparent manner.

Other benefits include:

  • Reducing extraneous email traffic
  • Easing the burden on customer service representatives
  • Supporting client-MSP communication and collaboration
  • Establishing a detailed service history
  • Helping customers learn new skills and improve their knowledge

Why should you consider buying customer portal software instead of building your own?

Why should you consider buying customer portal software instead of building your own?

If you have the technical expertise and a design plan, it is possible to create your own customer portal solution. You can build software in accordance with your customers’ needs and make sure it’s compatible with your various APIs.

However, designing and delivering a customer portal from scratch can be incredibly expensive and time-consuming, requiring specialized IT skills and a long project timeline. In addition, creating your own doesn’t necessarily help you provide a higher quality of service or offer you a competitive advantage. In most cases, off-the-shelf customer portal software can get the job done more efficiently and effectively—for a fraction of the cost.

Customer portal solutions like N-able MSP Manager are easy to implement, easy to use, and proven to offer customers the intuitive portal experience they need.

Boost retention levels with customer portal software

  • Leverage a robust IT ticketing system
  • Make your own customer portal with custom branding
  • Provide customers with a user-friendly experience