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Help prevent email downtime with email continuity solutions

Uptime is one of the most important performance metrics MSPs work to support. One important way you can do this is by helping ensure your customers’ end users have access to their email around the clock.

Downtime can be extremely expensive. According to industry-wide surveys, the loss of employee productivity and potential business opportunities can result in losses of hundreds of thousands of dollars per hour—which doesn’t take into account the potential long-term costs that come with a damaged business reputation. That’s why email continuity solutions should be more than just an IT concern or a small part of a disaster recovery plan —they need to be part of a comprehensive business continuity plan. Help ensure your clients’ email systems are available and reliable with email business continuity solutions like N-able Mail Assure.

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Use hosted email business continuity tool to help ensure client productivity

Email is the most common form of company communication and having reliable access to email dictates business continuity. Today, many companies have employees working in multiple time zones, sales personnel working around the clock, and remote workers around the world who need access to crucial information and communications. Companies that rely on email to conduct their business must have constant access to maintain their daily operations.

Mail Assure is an email security gateway and email archiving solution that provides access to email services through an intuitive web console. Providing your customers with email continuity services helps avoid the frustration, financial loss, and potential damaged reputation that can come with an extended email outage. Mail Assure helps keep your relationship with your customers secure and can even be customized with your branding and logo for a seamless experience.

Minimize lost revenue with business continuity services and email archiving

Many business emails include attachments that contain vital information, so Mail Assure scans both inbound and outbound emails as well as attachments for cyberthreats. In addition, Mail Assure archives and encrypts emails to help demonstrate compliance.

Unfortunately, the infrastructure bandwidth needed to monitor, track, and store email can be cost prohibitive. Likewise, if the infrastructure goes down, the cost to restore it and the loss of valuable data can be devastating.

Email business continuity solutions like Mail Assure help avoid this sort of catastrophic loss by keeping information encrypted and available in our private data centers around the globe, each of which meets or exceeds industry regulations for data security.

Mail Assure is compatible with nearly any email service, including G-Suite and Microsoft 365. Protecting and storing your customers’ data is made cost effective with Mail Assure’s email security gateway.

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Maintain access to send and receive email, even if infrastructure fails

N-able Mail Assure offers business email continuity solutions through a cloud-based email security gateway. If your client’s primary email service fails, Mail Assure’s always-on service allows them to continue sending, receiving, and accessing emails without losing business continuity.

By using our network of data centers located around the world, your clients are protected from server or network outages and aren’t dependent on a single source of email stability. Email continuity solutions help your clients avoid costly problems like downtime and lost productivity. Interrupted email continuity can be a data loss and intellectual property issue as well. Help your clients avoid being at risk for non-compliance with industry data security requirements like HIPAA.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is hosted email continuity?

What is hosted email continuity?

Hosted email continuity takes full advantage of the flexibility and capacity of modern technology to provide seamless access to email services when the server experiences an outage. Using a web console, end users are able to access, send, and receive email, while encrypted email archiving solutions help ensure customers safely retain messages with important attachments or that contain sensitive information.

Hosted email continuity solutions are cloud-based services that allow you to spend less time worrying about routine tasks, such as email backup and archiving, that are important but time-consuming if performed manually. Mail Assure was designed with service providers in mind, so you can rest a little easier knowing that your customers’ data is protected.

What is the advantage of using a hosted email continuity solution?

What is the advantage of using a hosted email continuity solution?

One significant benefit that hosted email continuity solutions provide is that they do not require the costly and complex infrastructure investment of on-premises email systems. Mail Assure provides a straightforward alternative to setting up, managing, and monitoring an on-premise email security solution. It comes with multiple MX entries, redundant load balancers, and fault-tolerant server clusters to provide a reliable and effective email continuity solution. Furthermore, Mail Assure is easy to install and configure, and is also platform-agnostic—meaning it can integrate with any existing email system including Microsoft 365 and G Suite.

Why are email continuity solutions important?

Why are email continuity solutions important?

Email continuity is an essential part of the security services that managed services providers (MSPs) should be providing their customers. The purpose of email continuity is to allow your customers’ end users to seamlessly access, send, and receive emails during any mail server downtime to help ensure email keeps flowing.

Email security gateways like Mail Assure provide layered security features, running multiple anti-malware engines to help protect your customers from phishing and other common email-borne threats. Advanced email filtering, attachment blocking, and real-time emerging threat detection all help keep your clients safe while they conduct daily business. Built-in 24/7 email continuity is included by default to keep email available during mail server outages or downtime, and email archiving helps ensure a safe and searchable history of email communication to mitigate the risk of losing data or important email communication.

Help ensure maximum productivity with email continuity solutions

  • Provide around-the-clock access to email from almost anywhere in the world
  • Help prevent data loss with powerful encryption protocols and data safeguards
  • Minimize downtime and the associated costs of productivity loss