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Surprisingly fast and easy large-scale backups

Providing backup services for large-scale, enterprise use cases can quickly become overwhelming without streamlined, scalable software. N-able Backup brings time and resource efficiency to the backup process—making the most of your staff’s time—regardless of the size of the organization, number of stakeholders, and amount of environments that need to be supported.

As the volume of data continues to grow, traditional image backups can take too long to complete. N-able Backup is built on a cloud-first architecture designed for efficiency, so incremental backups consume five times less storage than image backups. This allows you to make better use of resources, keeping more restore points with the same amount of storage.

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Keep your backup data safe in our private cloud

N-able Backup was built cloud-first to provide data protection that can help you meet regulatory requirements, such as GDPR and HIPAA. Backup storage in our private cloud is included in your price, so you don’t have to deal with a separate cloud storage provider. You can keep data in region, with 30 data centers worldwide. Backups are transferred to and from the cloud using AES 256-bit encryption, so only authorized parties can access the data.

N-able Backup encrypts data on site—whether it’s for Linux server backupsVMware backups, or anything in between—then transfers it with end-to-end encryption via TLS 1.2 connections to our cloud. It remains encrypted on our servers and is decrypted only during recovery.

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Be prepared to tackle all types of data recovery

Reduce the risk of data loss by being prepared for all types of recovery. Whether you need to restore a single file or folder or recover a full server, N-ableTM Backup is ready.

In addition, you can proactively prepare for fast failover, using features like our continuous restore and virtual disaster recovery to keep a standby server up-to-date and ready for any emergency.

N-able backs up your data directly to our worldwide private cloud and includes the option to keep a local copy using an existing network share or the hardware of your choice. At the same time, AES 256-bit encryption helps you keep your data protected in motion and at rest.

One tool to manage backups for multiple environments

N-ableTM Backup helps you deliver data protection and recoverability for a wide array of supported systems and environments. Windows, macOS, Linux, Microsoft 365 (One Drive, SharePoint, Exchange), Microsoft SQL Server, and VMware—just to name a few.

It also easily integrates with Backup Radar, Liongard, and the N-ableTM N-central® platform or RMM for additional flexibility and ease of use.

Pricing models that scale with your business

We’ve priced N-ableTM Backup to be effective for MSPs who serve clients of varying budgets, from small businesses to growing enterprises. We also offer a risk-free trial program to help you safely test-drive our backup solution and ensure it’s the best fit.

Server and workstation backups are priced per device, with cloud storage included. Microsoft 365 data protection is available at a low per-user price that includes Exchange, SharePoint, and OneDrive protection. Shared mailboxes are protected free of charge.

This flexibility lets you scale up or down as your needs change, and because pricing is based on protected data, archiving is free.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Back up many types of business data

Back up many types of business data

In addition to full server, workstation, and Microsoft 365 backup, N-ableTM Backup provides easy, automated, and affordable protection for the most common types of business documents that are likely to contain sensitive information.

Microsoft Office, QuickBooks, and Outlook .PST files are automatically found and backed up from the Documents folder or anywhere on the workstation. Other file types that are fully protected include Open Office, Visio, and Mac. You can check the list of supported files.

How long will a backup or restore take?

How long will a backup or restore take?

Backup and recovery time will depend on local environmental factors and the device’s ability to upload, download, and process data. However, it’s important to note that N-able cloud-first architecture results in a significantly lower change rate between incremental backups than traditional image backup software. This makes incremental backups smaller and much faster to complete.

The main factors include:

  • Processor speed
  • Available RAM
  • Local bandwidth
  • Disk write speed
  • Upload and download speed

Cybersecurity best practices for enterprises

Cybersecurity best practices for enterprises

Find out how managed services providers and enterprises can improve security. Our guide covers the importance of effective remote infrastructure management, sophisticated endpoint detection and response (EDR) security solution, cloud-based backup solution, and more. Be sure to read our guide on the best practices for improving cybersecurity in an enterprise environment.

N-able Backup

Robust cloud-first backup tailored to enterprise needs

  • Take advantage of N-ableTM Backup scalability and effectiveness for large-scale use cases
  • Help improve data protection for all your enterprise backup needs
  • Protect multiple data sources, operating systems, and devices with a single solution