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Rapid backups to help meet the needs of MSP and business customers

As enterprise cloud backup technology develops to meet the needs of fast-paced IT teams and MSPs, it’s important to make sure your clients have a backup solution that’s just as flexible.

N-able Backup is an enterprise cloud backup technology developed to meet the needs of MSPs with clients of every size. N-able Backup offers backup and recovery options that make it easier than ever to back up and restore any type of data whenever needed, regardless of operating systems, platforms, devices, and computing environments.

Designed for performance, N-able Backup uses our proprietary TrueDelta technology to deliver rapid transfers of backup data from servers, workstations, applications, and Microsoft 365. TrueDelta combines built-in deduplication, compression, and WAN optimization for faster backups and more efficient use of cloud storage.

Keep your customers’ data secure with robust enterprise cloud backup solutions

N-able Backup was built cloud-first to ensure stronger data protection and faster data transfers. Your customers’ privacy benefits from our client-side data access, which uses private key encryption so that only authorized parties can access the data, regardless of whether data is stored on local hardware or in our private cloud.

N-able Backup encrypts data on site—whether it’s for Linux server backupsVMware backups, or anything in between—then transfers it with end-to-end encryption via TLS 1.2 connections to our cloud. Data is only ever decrypted during recovery. It remains encrypted on our servers.

All backups are stored in our network of data centers designed for security, which are distributed across several continents around the globe.

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Take advantage of our effective pricing model, suited to customer needs

Backup, archive, or recovery—no matter how you or your clients use it, N-able Backup is built to serve the needs of a diverse customer base.

We’ve priced N-able Backup to be effective for MSPs who serve clients of varying budgets, from small businesses to growing enterprises. We even offer a risk-free trial program for you and your customers.

What’s more, you can rest easy knowing that our support team is there in case anything unusual happens. This allows your teams to devote your attention to more critical operational and security issues on behalf of your customers.

Robust enterprise cloud backup solutions for customers of all sizes

  • Take advantage of N-able Backup’s fast transfers and efficiency
  • Help improve data protection for all your enterprise customers’ backup needs
  • A competitive pricing model that helps you keep more of your revenue