RMM monitoring dashboard

Get started easily with powerful, agile, and easy-to-use software for MSPs

Small MSPs are in a unique position. As they get started, they may prefer not to sign long-term contracts for software—but they are still committed to providing a high level of service so they can grow their business. If you’re a small MSP, you need software that takes these unique needs into account.

N-able RMM is an enterprise-grade, cloud-based remote IT management solution that’s designed for small and medium sized MSPs. The simplicity and speed of RMM allows you to be fully operational typically in a matter of hours. Default monitoring templates and other built-in services facilitate sophisticated monitoring and device checks right out-of-the-box. As your customer base expands, RMM makes it easy to add more features and capabilities to scale your tools with your growing business.

RMM remote monitoring mixed devices

Offer strong remote support with MSP software

Small MSPs are held to the same high standards of service as MSPs with enterprise clients. Many of today’s organizations want to partner with an MSP that can support a more mobile and distributed workforce and rapidly solve issues without being obtrusive.

With RMM, small MSPs have powerful tools available to remotely manage, monitor, and back up data in one solution. You can easily get an at-a-glance view of relevant information through a single dashboard. The cloud-based software makes it possible to monitor customers’ systems, networks, assets, and more wherever they are, all without interfering with business-critical operations.

RMM also makes it possible to automatically deploy patches and perform bulk actions across devices connected to your managed networks. Comprehensive remote IT support means happy customers, and happy customers translate into strong relationships that can help your business grow over time.

RMM web protection

Safeguard your customers with high-quality, scalable security software for MSPs

Security is top of mind for every business, no matter their size. With hackers growing more sophisticated each day, you need powerful software that prioritizes security.

N-able RMM helps companies build a layered security stack that helps keep customers protected against hackers and other cyber threats. Since this software is designed to give MSPs everything they need in one tool, it offers a strong core layer of security right out-of-the-box. With integrated antivirusweb protection, email protection, backup, and patch management, as well as Take Control for remote access, there’s no more toggling between tools to protect your customers.

Additionally, when you’re ready to expand, N-able RMM integrates with N-able Passportal + Documentation Manager and Endpoint Detection and Response for a wider breadth of capabilities.

RMM backup and recovery

Help prevent data loss with advanced backup and recovery capabilities

Monitoring your customers’ devices and protecting them from active security threats is only half the battle. Comprehensive IT security management also includes routinely backing up customer data—and having a quick and easy way to restore that data in the event a cyberattack is successful.

N-able RMM’s backup and recovery capabilities offer small MSPs a way to save and store business critical data. With the platform’s state-of-the-art privacy and advanced end-to-end encryption capabilities, your customers can rest assured that their servers are protected against threats. If information is compromised or data is lost, virtual and continuous disaster recovery helps ensure you’re able to recover and restore that data, so your customers stay productive. And with integrated endpoint detection and response (EDR) software, automatic rollback makes it possible to rapidly contain and neutralize threats and restore Windows devices to their pre-attack state.

RMM Risk Intelligence - closeup

Optimize your operations with robust MSP software for small businesses

With RMM, you get MSP software that works as hard as you do—helping to maximize all the time and effort you put in.

Clear dashboards, fully integrated features, and automated scripting help small MSPs get more done in a day. The dashboards in N-able RMM highlight problems at a glance so you can resolve them more quickly. You can even remotely access managed devices in a single click without ever navigating away from the dashboard. Deploy patches in bulk, perform scheduled maintenance, or automate repetitive tasks with custom scripts created through the powerful drag-and-drop object programming engine.

MSP software that lets you hit the ground running and grow

  • Maximize your MSP’s time and effort with all-in-one software
  • Secure your customers with robust cybersecurity features
  • Provide backup and recovery capabilities to safeguard against data loss