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Keep enterprise customers safe with intelligent anti-malware protection systems

Email-based cyberattacks are a major threat to the modern enterprise, as these attacks have become increasingly sophisticated and damaging.

Using anti-malware protection systems, managed services providers (MSPs) can provide customers of all sizes with layered email threat protection that covers a wide range of attacks to help prevent cyberattackers from gaining a foothold in IT environments.

N-able Mail Assure provides powerful, cloud-based email threat protection. Using an Intelligent Protection & Filtering Engine, Mail Assure employs collective threat intelligence—powered by more than 23 million mailboxes—to quickly identify both well-known and emerging threats.

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Pair robust security with efficient productivity features designed to keep customers working

Mail Assure offers flexible enterprise malware protection for your email services in one convenient, cloud-based web application. It also includes business continuity solutions that help maximize your customers’ uptime and productivity—users can continue to read, compose and send email during email server outages or downtime.

Mail Assure provides cloud-based email security tools that integrate with Microsoft 365 via an Microsoft 365 add-in. This helps keep your Microsoft 365 customers protected and in control over their email flow. Even if the primary email server is experiencing unexpected issues, end users who need email access should still be able to perform their required tasks, as Mail Assure provides web-based access to archived and quarantined emails even during outages. Users can also continue to send and receive email from their mobile devices when they don’t have access to their computer.

In addition, Mail Assure’s encrypted email archiving helps to prevent data loss and ensure a safe and searchable history of email communication. Finally, journaling support helps Microsoft 365 users easily pull emails from existing Microsoft environments.

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Get real-time threat pattern recognition with Mail Assure’s filtering technologies

Mail Assure’s anti-malware protection system helps MSPs ensure that their enterprise customers have robust malware protection and can maintain overall productivity even during outages and downtime.

Leveraging a variety of technologies, Mail Assure pairs intelligent threat intelligence with SSL/TLS traffic encryption to keep email transmissions safe from outside influence and free from malware or suspicious links. Mail Assure is designed to be a flexible solution that puts control and configurations in your customers’ hands—all the way down to the individual email user.

In addition to compromised email checks, Mail Assure also collects data about filtering statistics that can be reviewed to determine strengths and weaknesses, historical patterns in behavior, and anomalous activity.

N-able Mail Assure

Protect against email attacks with enterprise malware protection

  • Fend off email-based threats with our Intelligent Protection & Filtering Engine
  • Support customer productivity with Mail Assure’s built-in email continuity solution
  • Search and sort emails within encrypted archives