Multilayered security is critical to the MSP service portfolio

Many cyberattacks use multiple threat types and attack vectors, such as malicious URLs, email phishing, or fake logon screens, to establish a foothold and capture credentials. One weak point can compromise an entire network, putting your client’s business—and your reputation—at risk.

Give businesses the protection they need with multilayered solutions to help safeguard critical applications, user accounts, and data. The right email and password security tools can fill in any gaps in your security stack, keeping your customers safe—and helping you keep your customers.

Stop threats before human error comes into play

From mail protection to advanced password and documentation management

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N-able Mail Assure

One of the most important steps for improving security is sealing sources of entry into your network. Email is traditionally a primary vector for malicious activity, and often these attacks occur due to human error rather than high-level technical hacking.

N-able Mail Assure helps mitigate human error by preventing intrusive emails from reaching inboxes with nearly 100% filtering accuracy. This can keep your customers from clicking a malicious link or falling victim to a phishing scheme, which means your technicians can spend less time dealing with email security issues. This frees them up to focus on the big picture, helping you shift from break/fix to fully managed services.

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N-able Passportal

When a cyberattack occurs within a managed network, it can lead to a breakdown in business operations, account shutdowns, and compromises to key data. You or your company may also be held liable for security breaches, which can lead to losses of revenue and reputation.

Reduce the risk for compromise with N-able Passportal. Rather than relying on spreadsheets, Passportal enables you to store user credentials in an ISO 27001 certified password and IT documentation management solution. This helps keep your clients—and your company—safe from bad actors.

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Why other MSPs choose Passportal to protect their teams and clients

“One of the major security threats is around password security. Passportal enables us to have a secure password repository for our clients and ourselves.”

Owen Smith, Service Delivery Manager, Comunet

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