New collaboration connects SolarWinds MSP remote monitoring and management solutions with Microsoft 365

SolarWinds MSP partners use a variety of software tools to run their businesses and take care of their clients’ IT systems, and many use Microsoft 365 productivity suite. So, when Microsoft and SolarWinds began to work together to bring Microsoft 365 and the SolarWinds® remote monitoring and management solutions closer, the resulting collaboration made perfect sense. Powerful remote monitoring and management from SolarWinds paired with device management features from Microsoft Intune? Yes, please!



1. So what does this collaboration mean for SolarWinds customers?

The collaboration will enable N-central® or RMM partners who use Microsoft 365 to discover devices managed by Microsoft Intune and monitor those devices from within the RMM dashboards. This means MSPs will be able to monitor and manage Windows, macOS, and Linux devices, whether under Intune management or their SolarWinds remote monitoring and management platform, from a single place—and devices can share the same configuration and alerting policies.

With the collaboration you’ll get:

  • A single device view: View Microsoft Intune managed devices right in your RMM or N-central dashboard, broadening your view to all client endpoints and increasing efficiency
  • Extensive management features: Easily access all SolarWinds RMM, N-central, and Microsoft Intune management features, employing central management and policies for all devices, reducing technician overhead and increasing flexibility across platforms
  • Impactful reporting: Generate comprehensive data views that consolidate both Intune and SolarWinds managed devices for insightful analysis
  • Enhanced security: Leverage the strength of mobile device monitoring (MDM) capabilities in Microsoft Intune and manage Microsoft security services such as Microsoft Defender Antivirus or BitLocker

2. Who does it affect?

MSPs already using SolarWinds N-central or RMM and subscription plans such as Microsoft 365 Business Premium will be the first to benefit from this collaboration—and the best part is they won’t have to do a thing to reap the rewards. The new capabilities will be included in an update later in the year and is completely free of charge.

3. When will the new capabilities go live?

SolarWinds N-central customers will be able to use a preview of the free integration starting in November 2020. Integration with RMM will follow that.

If you’re already using these products, fantastic—soon they’ll be centrally located, saving you time and increasing your efficiency. If you’ve been thinking about adding Microsoft 365 to your software stack, now is a great time to give it a try. And if you’re in the market for a comprehensive remote monitoring and management platform, take a closer look at SolarWinds N-central and RMM. With this new collaboration, the powerful remote monitoring and management tool you trust for your networks and workstations can now be extended to your devices as well.

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Watch the video below to see what our partners say about Microsoft Intune + SolarWinds N-central.