Passportal password vault

Manage and store passwords securely

You need to be able to trust your methods for storing client login information, especially privileged passwords for sensitive resources, are as secure as possible. After all, weak or poorly managed credentials are a popular attack vector for hacking attempts, in part because authorized user credentials have the potential to unlock entire systems.

N-able Passportal uses best practices to streamline how you manage and store passwords, including an ISO 27001 certified repository designed to offer high level encryption. The robust toolkit helps businesses simplify their privileged access management processes while simultaneously hardening the network against security risks.

Enhance security with multi-factor authentication

Passportal makes it easy to implement multi-factor authentication (MFA). This authentication method typically requires end users to provide at least two inputs to access the resource in question, minimizing the risk of bad actors gaining access even if they have the right credentials in hand.

Using MFA can dramatically reduce the risk of security breaches by requiring time-based, one-time passwords (TOTPs). These are unique, algorithm-generated numeric codes that expire quickly. This feature can improve security for both end users and technicians.

Enjoy the benefits of a cloud-based tool

You can more easily protect client data with the cloud-based efficiencies of Passportal. Manage, retrieve, and share credentials for each of your customers from one centralized password vault console, regardless of location. By consolidating your client credentials into encrypted vaults, you can reduce both the number of repositories you need to monitor and the potential points of entry for bad actors. At the same time, automated protection and other built-in security features help ensure you are following best practices for client protection.

Help ensure credentials are safe with your business and personal vaults

Passportal gives you granular access control across your customers, while still allowing you to easily deploy bulk changes as needed, making it easy to enforce the principle of least privilege. Assign access levels based on account role, time frame, individual subfolders, and more.

Passportal also enables your technicians to get temporary access for troubleshooting using privileged credentials captured in a vault, and to revoke that access with a single click when the job is complete. The same goes for your customers, too—their personal credentials are also kept safe and encrypted, even from us when using Passportal Site.

Passportal password policy

Enforce strong policies across your business

Passportal is built to help you create and maintain best practices for your clients. Most companies typically have a few common password policies in place (minimum length, special characters, resetting regularly), which Passportal makes easy to enforce and configure. In fact, you can generate strong, complex passwords with a single click. You can also configure rotation and expiration windows.

In addition, Passportal features two-way syncing with Active Directory to help you make updates to account and domain assets securely without leaving your dashboard. Get granular control over end user and group privileges, streamlining the process of managing the authorization to modify or access sensitive documentation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of two-way syncing with Active Directory?

What are the benefits of two-way syncing with Active Directory?

Two-way synchronization with Active Directory allows you to easily manage and synchronize your customers’ identities, user accounts, groups, and other assets without leaving the Passportal platform. Two-way synchronization enables write-back functionality, minimizing the number of object attributes that need to be copied from the cloud and written to your customers’ local Active Directory Domain Services.

Passportal allows you to sync and manage Active Directory credentials (and those for Azure AD and Microsoft 365 as well) through a Windows agent. From one centralized dashboard, you can:

  • Create a password in Passportal and automatically create the missing user in Active Directory
  • Enable a rotation policy and determine the frequency of rotation
  • Auto start update services when an Active Directory Account password is changed if there are services that are running from this credential.

Why is it important to have integrated remote monitoring and password management solutions?

Why is it important to have integrated remote monitoring and password management solutions?

RMM tools that include fully integrated client password management features can significantly improve the security of your credential management processes. This also cuts down on the number of applications your technicians must shuffle between when carrying out everyday tasks like troubleshooting and maintenance.

Passportal makes it easy to improve and maintain good cyber-hygiene practices. Passwords are automatically encrypted in repositories, which your team can safely share and access as needed, and the RMM console allows technicians to quickly retrieve associated device information.

Integrations are generally more cost-effective for MSPs and IT service providers than multiple individual products—often, they are more affordable while providing the capabilities and features to better support your clients’ needs.

What are the main password-related challenges that MSPs face daily?

What are the main password-related challenges that MSPs face daily?

Cybersecurity threats are becoming more sophisticated and costly each year, and while it is critical to protect against social engineering campaigns and other kinds of developing threats, it’s also important to maintain basic best practices.

Despite the known importance of unique, complex passwords for each account, too many end users create weak passwords or reuse the same passwords across accounts, which can create a security risk for the business at large. They may also store passwords in a spreadsheet or another insecure way. MSPs need to ensure that all employees follow best practices, no matter their access level.

Another challenge is keeping track of credentials from ex-employees (and any existing employees who should no longer have privileged access). This info, if left unattended and unchanged, could be an attack vector for would-be hackers or even disgruntled users.

Why combine password and documentation management?

Why combine password and documentation management?

Strength, health, and security are critical to maintaining the line of defense against cyberattacks and protecting your customers’ business documentation and privileged access. Combining these management capabilities can help further streamline your operations while hardening your customers’ systems to intrusion.

One of the foundational elements of any good documentation management system is high-quality encryption that can help keep valuable digital assets secure and protected. The centralized approach of using a vault optimizes the process of monitoring and managing how user accounts and groups can access specific resources.

N-able Passportal

Centralized password manager

  • World class encryption and automated password hygiene
  • A single source of truth for authentication and IT documentation
  • RMM and PSA integrations for a comprehensive view of your business