The Big Book of Selling Data Protection Ebook

If your SMBs don’t seem to care about their backup solution, change the conversation to one about data protection to help increase recurring revenue. Painting a picture of the cost...

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Which Edition of N-able Backup is Right for You?

This document compares the overview, data centers for backup storage, and recovery options offered by N-able™ Backup, including versions integrated with both N-central® and RMM to help determine which edition...

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Backup for IT Pros

With flexible recovery options, no hardware requirements, and cloud storage with archiving included at no extra cost, N-able™ Backup is a robust, cloud-first backup solution. It can help you reduce...

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Backup for Microsoft 365 Feature Sheet

N-able™ Backup for Microsoft 365 is designed to offer an additional layer of protection against data loss for your Microsoft 365 users. Retain and restore data from the same web-based...

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N-able Backup and RMM Integration Guide

Our technical support guide is designed to provide partners with helpful information to easily integrate standalone N-able™ Backup into their N-able RMM devices. This guide offers step-by-step pictures and instruction...


Recovery with N-able Backup

Even before the trial was over, a real-world recovery gave N-able Backup the chance to prove its worth. The flexibility to restore quickly to anywhere was a game changer.


The impact on staff

Junior staff can fully and confidently handle backup management and recoveries with N-able Backup—which frees senior talent for other projects.


The benefit to customers

Traction IT can provide longer data retention and more restore points without additional cost thanks to the improved resource efficiency of N-able Backup.


The impact for an MSP owner and profitability

Image-based backup was a break-even service at best for Traction IT, and worry about the potential for errors resulted in sleepless nights for Brett. Switching to N-able Backup has been...