Network Monitoring & Management Software Overview

From managing and monitoring Windows and Mac devices, to mobile device management, to creating meaningful reports: N-central does it all from a single pane of glass.

Our network monitoring and management software saves you valuable time, allows you to deliver excellence to your clients, and increases your bottom line. N-central is backed by comprehensive business enablement services and a unique business-building Freemium licensing model.


Network Device Discovery
Agent & probe discovery techniques collect the granular details of all devices for use in filtering, monitoring and management activities. Auto-classification and assignment ensures new devices are never missed.

Centralized Management Console
"Single pane-of-glass" – for quick command and control of devices – on premise, mobile, or in the cloud.

Automation Manager
Fully integrated, customizable, codeless, drag and drop automation engine automates routine tasks so you can devote more time to strategic issues. Automation Manager ships free with N-central – and it is so powerful and easy-to-use that it has won industry awards.

IT Inventory Management
Store managed and unmanaged device information for all of your customers’ assets. Filter, find and select devices based on any collected asset information. Produce Warranty, License Key, Installed Application and Hardware Inventory reports for every device.

Preconfigure responses to specific types of failures detected by N-central to automatically execute defined diagnostic and remediation Automation Policies, restart windows services, or deploy scripts. Fix problems with no technician intervention.

N-central can be entirely re-branded to look and feel like your solution from the console, to the reports, to the system tray icon.

Remote Control & Support
N-central provides an array of tools to effectively manage end-users and IT services remotely. You can also “Bring Your Own Remote Control” with built-in integration for TeamViewer.

Virtual Machine Management
Detect, manage and monitor VMware instances. N-central monitors the key hardware components of ESX and ESXi servers. Additionally, you can manage Hyper-V with Automation Manager.

Technician Mobility
Technicians can access N-central from iOS or Android devices, enabling them to address customer issues from wherever they are.

Software Distribution
Automatically distribute software to Windows devices under management – instantly or at a scheduled time. Software distribution can be conducted on devices both inside and outside the customer network.

API’s, SDK’s, custom services and custom reporting permit the extension of the out-of-the box capabilities to meet the needs of any MSP organization. The N-able community provides a source of third-party developed components to help complete your monitoring and management solution.

Ease of Use
The clean intuitive interface in N-central makes it easy to learn and get productive quickly.

What our customers say...

We recently migrated to ConnectWise as our PSA solution, prior to that, we had very limited ability to sync large amount of asset data to CW. N-central has saved us countless hours of manual data entry, and our sales department LOVES it for watching warranty expiration.

– Jon Kraatz, Solutions Engineer, Vertisys Corp


N-central delivers tight integration with leading PSAs and ticketing systems. Adding Report Manager makes for the ideal approach to an integrated RMM/PSA solution giving you flexible ticketing options, detailed asset synchronization, and advanced reporting.

  • Automate your Service Desk like never before with comprehensive ticket integration between your RMM, PSA, and ticketing systems
  • Leverage the granular controls provided to maintain the priorities and workflows in your systems
  • Eliminate the timewasting and frustrating issues found in other ticket system integrations

Licensing to Fit your Business and Your Customers
In order to provide excellent service to all end customers, N-able offers a unique hybrid licensing model. This model helps you reduce costs by offering Professional licenses for your fully managed or proactive customers (including self-healing, scheduled maintenance, remote control, and a-la-carte modules) and free Essential licenses for your reactive customers with the optional addition of modules including Remote Control, Patch, Backup, and AV. Both licenses include monitoring and inventory. Save money on licenses for break/fix customers while optionally introducing them to value of upsell services.

Breadth and Scalability
N-central easily scales to manage hundreds of companies and tens of thousands of devices and users. N-central provides monitoring and management of almost any device with an IP address including end-user machines (Windows and OS X), mobile devices, servers, network devices, copiers, and more.

Business Process Transformation and Business Building Support
Our network monitoring and management software is supported by industry-leading business transformation services that give IT service providers a fast and easy on-boarding process and the ability to quickly generate new billable services. N-able Partners have full access to Dedicated Partner Development Specialists, sales training, and a Digital Binder with proven, ready to use sales and marketing materials. Plus, our flexible licensing model, with Essential and Professional Licenses, gives you maximum flexibility in delivering IT services.