Patch Manager

Profitable Patch Management Software

Many MSPs rely on basic tools when it comes to patch management. The result is a lot of labor hours eating into profitability. A patch management software can streamline patching so you can roll out new patches in just a few clicks and all without requiring any hardware on site.

Why Patch Manager is Right for You


Quickly patch all of your devices with the press of a single button reducing the time it takes you to roll out new patches


Restrict or allow software patches so when customers call for support you know what version they are using, reducing your support workload.


Patch Manager updates your customers from your N-central environment. There is no need for on-site servers.

Why You’ll Love Patch Manager


Select patch, select devices, deploy
Once Patch Manager has notified you that a new patch is available, you can choose to roll it out to specific devices, specific sites or to your entire customer base with just a few clicks. No need to update each location one at a time.

Patch Almost Anything

Windows® & 3rd Party Patch Management
Windows® Patch Management updates and over twenty 3rd party applications. This means employees are not wasting time patching and restarting their machines and you are creating a baseline across your entire customer base, reducing your support workload.

Patch Anywhere

Update devices in or out of office
Employees that take their laptop home won’t risk missing their scheduled patch window. With Patch Manager a workstation can be updated wherever it is in the world.


Complete view of patch status
In order to protect your customers you need to know if they are covered. With Report Manager you can provide detailed reporting on all products including Patch Manager showing you Patch Status, Details and Approvals you can stay on top of things by monitoring:

  • Customer patch score out of 100
  • What devices need to be updated
  • List of approved patches with install status

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"We can easily decide to approve or decline patches by rule, minimizing the effort required for the msp to manage customer patching."

– Jon Czerwinski, Vice President, Cohn Consulting Corporation