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Automation Manager changes the IT service delivery model for MSPs by enabling the creation and delivery of repeatable processes with the simplicity of drag-and-drop design. Tightly integrated with N-central, Automation Manager expands on N-central’s already powerful management capabilities.

Standardize your device maintenance, device optimization and remediation processes with an intuitive drag and drop GUI interface. Without any prior scripting knowledge, Automation Manager allows users to visually create powerful, multi-step policies by leveraging a vast library of pre-defined automation objects, each responsible for performing a specific task. Automation Objects can be linked to run in sequence or, through the use of conditional operators that create multiple execution paths based on the results of previous automation object executions.

Automation Manager allows you to accelerate the delivery of quality IT services while reducing your expenses and allows you to de-couple revenue from labor.


GUI-based policy design environment

Simplified design with the ease of drag-and-drop. Quickly link automation objects together to create complete IT policies.

Tight integration with N-central scripting and scheduled tasks

Automation Manager complements the existing power of N-central’s scripting and scheduling capabilities by adding a powerful front-end design tool, new filter type, MSP Technician Runbook integration, Microsoft Powershell integration and N-central Professional Agent integration.

Pre-built IT automation objects

Accelerate your design with pre-built and tested automation objects. These objects encapsulate functionality for file/folder manipulation, event log management, system health, registry management, services management, user management and much more.

Out of the box, ready to run IT service delivery policies

Kick start your projects with ready to run policies that have been created following the best practices learned from years of MSP expertise. Policies can be cloned and edited to best match your specific IT Automation needs.

MSP Technician Runbook links

Leverage the combined knowledge captured from years of MSP experience that is found in the MSP Technician Runbook. Automation Manager provides links from the policies to the Runbook so that technicians can review the detailed operation and expected outcomes of the policies.


Maximize Technician Efficiency through Automation

Performing mundane tasks manually is tedious and not cost-effective. Automating where possible relieves the technician to perform higher value work. Automating also improves scalability, repeatability and quality of IT service delivery.

Standardize IT Processes

Documenting and automating IT service delivery is your best assurance that tasks are being completed against your standards. Leverage the knowledge of your best technicians by capturing their best practices in Automation Policies that any technician can deploy and execute.

No prior scripting knowledge

Automation Manager’s drag-and-drop GUI design environment makes it easy to modify an existing policy template or create a policy from scratch. Dragging objects onto the design canvas and linking to other objects is easy. Including decision logic for control flow of the policy is as easy as filling in the blanks.

Detailed Output Reporting

All console output and Log object output from an executing Policy is captured and available for reporting from N-central.

Integrated with N-central's Self-Healing

Complementing N-central’s existing powerful scripting capabilities Automation Manager is also available to the Self-Healing mechanism in N-central. As a monitored event triggers an alert it is possible to launch an Automation Policy that has been designed to remedy the detected issue.

Scalable Automated Processes

Rather than performing manual tasks repeatedly across the devices found in your customer base you can leverage the power of Automation Manager, without relying on the knowledge and expense of script developers, to automate your entire IT process. Rapidly create a weekly desktop maintenance routine and schedule it with N-central for all managed desktops, easily place a server into downtime in order to perform system maintenance.