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Detect new threats with up-to-date virus definitions and proactive scans

Protecting customers’ workstations and servers from known and emerging malware requires powerful, up-to-date antivirus capabilities. Rather than relying on traditional software—which can impact system performance and requires constant updating—MSPs should consider a cloud-based antivirus solution.

N-able RMM is a cloud-based managed antivirus tool designed to prevent infections by using both traditional signature-based protection and sophisticated heuristic checks. Signature-based threat detection blocks known threats, while heuristic checks help detect new, unrecognized viruses in sandbox environments isolated from your customers’ core systems.

The behavioral scanning functions in RMM use continuous real-time monitoring to detect actions commonly associated with malware and can shut down even the most sophisticated malware vectors. We take care of virus definitions while giving you the tools to act when needed.

RMM remote monitoring mixed devices

Reduce system resource drain with a cloud-based antivirus solution

Traditional antivirus programs can be incredibly resource intensive. By making constant use of computing resources to scan for malware, these programs ultimately tend to slow down your customers’ systems.

To prevent this from happening, a cloud-based antivirus solution like the software included in N-able RMM can offer far greater security and performance. Scans are lightweight to minimize system resource drain, while also providing pinpoint accuracy and reducing false positives. RMM can also be scheduled to run deeper, more intensive scans during off hours and downtime to avoid disrupting your customers during their typical hours of operation. RMM’s agentless security functions help keep customer systems—including virtual machines—up to date and protected.

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Leverage default and customized policies for as much control as you need to protect customers

MSP antivirus solutions need to be powerful as well as easy to use and customize. Technicians are serving multiple customers across multiple sites, and they need intuitive solutions that allow them to cater policies to individual customers’ specific needs.

N-able RMM provides both default and customized policy options to allow your technicians to either hit the ground running or tailor a solution to a specific need. Each of your customers’ servers, workstations, laptops, virtual machines, and other devices will receive antivirus policies by default. From there, the powerful customization options in RMM enable MSPs to tailor policies—such as quarantine rules, virus definition downloads, and more—to meet the specific needs and wants of each customer. RMM also includes control timing functions, enabling your technicians to pause or cancel scans when needed.

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Empower your technicians with intuitive antivirus set-up and proactive notifications

Cloud-based antivirus software equipped with intuitive capabilities and advanced features makes it easier for you to offer managed antivirus solutions to your customers.

N-able RMM is easy to set up and allows you to deploy managed antivirus policies in bulk across sites, servers, and workstations. The tool backs this up with proactive smart alerts, giving you near real-time updates and in-depth reports for your customers’ managed endpoints—allowing you to quickly remedy potential issues. Combined with Managed Antivirus, RMM’s Disk Encryption Manager provides efficient management, monitoring, and reporting for your customers’ device encryption requirements.

Use cloud-based antivirus solutions to optimize resources

  • Keep customers protected from established and emerging threats
  • Offer superior performance with cloud-based antivirus scanning
  • Deploy managed antivirus policies in bulk with ease