Report Manager leverages the power of the N-central platform and provides the best RMM and PSA reporting in the industry.



“Our ability to proactively provide reports on business-critical aspects of a customer environment is a powerful support and sales tool.”
- Pat Moore, Network Operations Manager, CalTech


Highlights include:

Customizable Executive level reports

The ability to generate a single, standardized Executive Summary Report includes all proactive and reactive tickets. This updated report demonstrates to your customers that you’ve got your finger on the pulse of every aspect of their network by providing an executive overview as well as all the details of managed devices, warranties, AV, Patch, data protection, network reliability, server performance, and ticketing.

Network Assessment

A network assessment report that provides a complete summary of a customer or prospect’s environment by pulling asset, capacity planning, and security status information from N-central's Professional and Essential agents.

Ticket Summary

A ticket summary report integrates with leading PSAs Autotask and ConnectWise. It also integrates data from N-able’s own Help Desk Manager. This report provides a single, standardized ticket and summary report on all proactive and reactive tickets.

AV Status

A new AV Status report that provides consolidated reporting of all your antivirus solutions; this includes N-central's Endpoint Security Manager, and N-central’s AV Defender and other third-party anti-virus solutions.

Managed Devices Versus Time

Managed devices versus time report that is built for billing and PSA/RMM audits. This report keeps you updated with devices under management and new customers added over the last period. Using this report you can now quickly produce a checklist at the end of the month to track and quantify changes to your customer's managed device counts over the reporting period.

Hybrid Licensing

Present your clients with information on 100% of their network. Report Manager leverages N-able’s hybrid licensing model by including asset and monitoring data from both the Essential and Professional agents.

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