N-able RMM Active Issues

Protect your customers from internet-based threats

With cyberattacks on the rise, MSPs should make security a top priority for their customers. However, with internet-based activity introducing any number of potential threats, MSPs need strong and proactive ways to filter threats out.

N-able RMM is a single-solution tool that can help you track and monitor your customers’ networks from a single web-based dashboard. Setup typically only takes minutes and can cover complete networks. With active discovery, you can also track new devices, IP addresses, operating systems, and hostnames that access the network.

The tool also offers comprehensive threat protection against malware, adware, phishing, and spam. Plus, its web protection feature can help you keep users off sites that might lead to a breach.

RMM remote monitoring mixed devices

Take control of your managed networks with enterprise web filtering software

Web filtering software gives MSPs the power to help their customers keep end users off unsafe sites. N-able RMM’s web-based console and user-friendly interface makes managing this easy. You can take advantage of the tool’s default web protection and web filtering policies, or create your own custom rules based on your customers’ needs. If there are sites that need to be blocked that fall outside of the default core categories, you can add these URLs to the blocklist at any time.

N-able RMM Dashboard

Help your customers increase productivity and stay on task with content filtering software for business

Enterprise web filtering software isn’t exclusively for protecting your customers against bad actors. Sometimes customers want certain sites and activities blocked during the workday so their employees can remain focused and productive.

Blocklists, allow lists, device policies, and access restrictions allow employees stay focused and on task, while simultaneously helping prevent malicious applications and viruses from halting productivity, rewriting code, or stealing personal data. N-able RMM lets you set and automatically enforce policies that keep employees off social media, gaming, and other unauthorized sites as you see fit. You can even modify blocklist rules so that employees are prevented from visiting sites unrelated to their work during standard work hours.

N-able RMM’s web protection feature offers one of the most effective web filtering software for businesses on the market.

Stay secure and productive with web filtering software for business

  • Easily protect customer businesses from a wide array of online threats
  • Block certain sites during the workday to increase productivity
  • Decide what content to filter based on customer needs