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Increase network security with IT asset discovery software that identifies potential risks

To prevent costly and damaging cyberattacks, MSPs do everything they can to keep customers safe. However, it’s difficult to harden customer networks to cyberthreats without having a clear picture of the scale of their assets.

That’s why adopting a tool that provides IT asset discovery like N-able RMM is crucial. The network discovery feature lets you map out devices as they come on the network. By having a greater sense of what assets are present, you can better ensure that devices have adequate security controls. By proactively looking for a certain level of security on individual devices, you can help prevent potentially devastating security breaches for your customers.

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Automatically detect network changes and start monitoring in minutes

As an MSP, you know that the security of each network device plays an important role in stopping potential threats. When your customers add new devices to their networks, you need to know as soon as possible so that you can ensure the device is properly monitored and protected.

N-able RMM provides proactive monitoring and automatic asset discovery to give you critical insights into the health of your customers’ networks in real time. That way, you’ll know the instant something has changed and will be able to make data-driven decisions to resolve issues before they impact end users.

Network discovery allows you to help ensure that any devices, including personal devices, can be identified and then properly managed before causing security issues. Preset monitoring templates allow you to get up and running typically in minutes.

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Gain visibility to see entire infrastructures from one centralized dashboard

Making sure each device connected to your customers’ networks is authorized and properly monitored shouldn’t be challenging.

That’s why N-able RMM includes features designed specifically for efficiency-minded IT professionals—like the ability to examine entire systems from a single dashboard, then drill down to individual devices that are triggering alerts. Combining remote management and monitoring capabilities and deep visibility in the same interface enables you to more quickly and easily secure and maintain your customers’ systems.

After discovery, RMM allows you to start monitoring any assets to help ensure more complete coverage and control, helping to limit unexpected issues.

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Expand your monitoring capabilities with additional IT asset management services

In addition to providing detailed visibility into your network infrastructure, traffic, and performance, N-able RMM also helps deploy software updates and can extend IT asset management to documentation as well. Easily import devices connected to any managed subnet with asset details such as IP, operating system, hostname, and more.

Other N-able MSP products like N-able Passportal + Documentation Manager, a password management and IT documentation tool, can seamlessly integrate with RMM, allowing you to provide more comprehensive services to your customers via a single tool. Designed to help automate your routine processes and scale as your business grows, N-able RMM is the powerful and affordable remote monitoring solution that every MSP needs.

Monitor more effectively with IT asset discovery tools

  • Utilize a centralized dashboard that combines remote monitoring with IT asset management
  • Proactive alerts keep you notified as soon as changes occur
  • Help prevent downtime with visibility into network assets