SolarWinds MSP is becoming N-able

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RMM monitoring dashboard

Easily monitor your managed networks with software designed for MSPs

Network monitoring is a core component of any MSP’s operations. For optimal performance, technicians need to be able to keep an eye on what’s going on in their customers’ networks—but that can be difficult in complex or diverse networks with multiple endpoints. If you’re a small MSP, finding cost-effective monitoring solutions becomes even more challenging. Luckily, monitoring software for MSPs like N-able RMM can help.

N-able RMM offers small MSPs everything they need to start monitoring managed networks right away. Default monitoring templates give you a strong set of device checks right out of the box. You can monitor customers’ networks to assess health and add or delete endpoints from the main dashboard with ease. Monitor network devices via SNMP and gain visibility into performance and infrastructure beyond firewalls via the NetPath feature.

remote access to windows

Provide high-quality remote support with advanced MSP remote monitoring features

As businesses across the globe continue to shift toward a remote or distributed workforce, it is essential that MSPs of all sizes offer high-quality remote support to their customers.

N-able RMM allows MSPs to access devices with a single click for both background and user-facing issues. Aside from the added convenience of not having to travel to customer sites, this means your MSP business can provide support faster at lower costs, helping you better satisfy customers. You can also remotely monitor nearly anything connected to your customers’ networks including desktops, laptops, servers, mobile devices, virtual machines, and more. In short, N-able RMM helps you provide high-quality remote support without disrupting your customers’ daily operations.

RMM backup and recovery

Optimize monitoring with data-driven insights

Using monitoring software to achieve greater visibility into your managed networks is only half the battle. To best serve customer needs, MSPs need all-in-one software that helps them make sense of the data they have gathered so they can make more informed IT decisions.

N-able RMM provides the insight you need to keep users productive, helping you identify trends in system utilization and performance. The flagship executive summary report provides an overview of key metrics and critical support activities in order to highlight the value of your MSP services to customers and management.

Additional reports on areas like device inventory, antivirus protection, backup and recovery, and more, can illuminate key ways to improve customers’ IT environments. It’s also easy to share reports by exporting to formats like PDF or Microsoft Excel.

RMM active directory

Leverage automation to maximize your efficiency

Smaller MSPs need ways to maximize limited time, money, and IT staff—which is why they need remote monitoring software built to help MSPs make the most out of their resources. N-able RMM has numerous automated capabilities that help you save time, add capacity, and streamline day-to-day operations.

You can create custom automation scripts using the unique drag-and-drop programming engine, automatically schedule patch management and routine maintenance workflows to occur during off-peak hours and execute bulk actions across your managed networks. N-able RMM does the heavy lifting to automate routine tasks so you can focus on more complex operations and provide outstanding service to your customers.

RMM remote monitoring mixed devices

Improve your customers’ security with robust, multilayer security features

With malware, ransomware, and other threats on the rise, MSPs should do everything they can to keep their customers safe from potentially devastating cyberattacks. Security is even more critical for smaller MSPs because they are increasingly targeted by cyberattackers hoping to exploit vulnerabilities to get to MSP customers.

N-able RMM helps MSPs deploy multiple layers of security to improve customers’ network defenses now and in the future. This remote monitoring software for MSPs integrates antivirus and patch management. Web protection and backup capabilities help protect customer data out of the box. Built-in N-able Take Control allows you to access customer desktops remotely with multiple advanced encryption technologies and two-factor authentication for additional security, helping make sure your remote sessions are protected. Take Control also offers additional security features like idle session timeout controls and automatic clipboard deletions so sensitive data doesn’t get stored after it’s needed.

When you’re ready to scale up, N-able RMM also easily integrates with other N-able MSP security solutions like Passportal + Documentation Manager and Endpoint Detection and Response to create an even more robust solution.

Optimize business critical operations with monitoring software for MSPs

  • Achieve high levels of visibility with out-of-the-box monitoring capabilities
  • Protect your customers’ data with advanced network security and recovery features
  • Automate complex tasks and make the most of your time