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Handle both known and emerging malware with centrally managed antivirus software

Malware attacks can wreak havoc on small businesses. Many have experienced a malware or ransomware attack in recent years. What’s worse, malware threats are constantly evolving and growing more sophisticated.

N-able RMM helps MSPs stay on top of both known and unknown threats by using centrally managed antivirus software. Robust signature-based scanning targets known threats, while heuristic checks detect new viruses in a sandbox, partitioned away from your customers’ core systems. Continuous real-time monitoring and behavioral scanning also work to pinpoint programs that are commonly associated with malware exploits. With these capabilities, MSPs can be sure they’re getting robust, active malware protection.

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Use lightweight antivirus management software to protect customers and minimize resource drains

Smaller MSPs have unique needs. It can be challenging to run a profitable business when you have fewer resources, which is why smaller MSPs need centrally managed antivirus software. Such tools can help you reduce strain on your existing technicians and help you get the most out of your team.

N-able RMM offers centrally managed antivirus that gives you everything you need to help protect your customers—without putting unnecessary strain on your resources. The tool enables scans that are lightweight but don’t sacrifice performance, helping you reduce system resource drain. Also, N-able RMM allows you to automatically schedule antivirus scans during off-peak hours so you won’t compromise bandwidth needs and disrupt employee productivity.

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Boost cybersecurity for your managed networks

Managing cybersecurity in a diverse network with remote users, virtual machines, and multiple endpoints might seem daunting for smaller MSPs. Centrally managed antivirus software helps you know machines on those networks remain protected from malware.

N-able RMM allows you to offer an MSP antivirus service that’s customizable for your clients by mixing and matching policies, quarantine rules, virus definition download schedules, and more. You can control the timing of scans to minimize disruption to the end user and save time during deployment by using default policies for servers, desktops, and laptops. With centrally managed antivirus, you won’t have to worry about customers failing to update their software or sticking to a scanning schedule. Once you configure and set the antivirus management software to each customer’s specific needs, you can take a step back and use the time to focus on more complex tasks.

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Speed up troubleshooting with centrally managed antivirus software

Centralized managed antivirus software can also help you resolve issues faster. N-able RMM’s proactive notification system updates you in near real time and generates in-depth reports across endpoints. This helps MSPs isolate, investigate, and remedy pressing malware issues before they turn into full-scale security breaches.

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Enhance managed antivirus software with advanced web protection

N-able RMM provides comprehensive, enterprise-grade, centrally managed antivirus software for smaller MSPs—but as an all-in-one solution, it can also help you protect your customers from other online threats.

N-able RMM’s web protection capabilities complement antivirus software by offering protection against web-based attacks like drive-by downloads, or phishing and scam sites. The tool allows you to monitor daily bandwidth usage for unusual spikes, as well as remotely keep customers off sites that are likely targets for hackers.

With centrally managed antivirus software and advanced web protection, your customers will be safer from a range of modern threats.

Unlock the benefits of centrally managed antivirus software

  • Monitor your managed networks for known and emerging threats
  • Speed up troubleshooting
  • Minimize resource drains with lightweight managed antivirus software