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How to Check Bandwidth Usage on a Network by IP Address

Organizations with limited network bandwidth must juggle competing priorities: the need for faster network speeds to accelerate business operations, and the requirement to limit business expenses whenever possible. Allocating additional bandwidth can be expensive—and out of the question for many businesses.

MSPs can help support these organizations via bandwidth usage monitoring tools to monitor bandwidth usage on networks by IP addresses, devices, and other identifying characteristics. This allows them to better control network traffic, internet usage, and bandwidth.

By utilizing network bandwidth usage monitoring tools or an IP monitoring tool, companies and MSPs can recognize areas where capacity can be reduced. This can help enable organizations to optimize their network resources, boost performance, and improve productivity by using existing bandwidth more efficiently.

RMM web protection

Monitoring Bandwidth Usage by IP Address Can Help Increase Network Safety

With N-able RMM, MSPs can also support their clients remotely with security features like:

  • Web protection. You can help safeguard network bandwidth and data assets by limiting the sites and downloads users can access while using company-provided equipment. Customers can also select sites to blocklist to enforce company internet browsing policies. These blocked list policies can be engineered to operate during specific times, so users can have more freedom outside of business hours, if needed.
  • Managed antivirus. N-able RMM allows MSPs to protect their clients from known malware threats as well as emerging viruses that may not have been discovered yet. This continuous, near real-time monitoring for files acting like malware is engineered to avoid negatively impacting network bandwidth consumption, and it allows for continued business productivity.
  • Mobile device management. The mobile device management capabilities allow MSPs to lock user phones, set passwords, or wipe devices—all remotely and without negative effects on network bandwidth.
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How to Tell What Is Using Network Bandwidth

One way to assess a network’s bandwidth usage is to run a network internet speed test. This allows you to view your network download and upload speeds in near real time. Running a test like this during several points in the day can give a general idea of overall usage and help with measuring bandwidth usage trends. However, a consistent bandwidth or network usage monitor is more efficient and comprehensive.

Employees who use company bandwidth for recreational purposes—such as streaming video and social media sites—add bandwidth usage that can further clog resources. MSPs with the right tools to identify the applications and users responsible for causing network congestion can help their clients conserve and use their resources more effectively.

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Monitor Internet Usage by Device with N-able RMM

Regardless of whether network congestion stems from legitimate business applications or recreational use, companies need a detailed view of how bandwidth is being consumed, when it’s being consumed, and by which users and devices. And if unauthorized apps are siphoning bandwidth, MSPs should take steps to remove those apps from the corporate network.

N-able RMM gives MSPs the tools to monitor bandwidth usage on networks across their customer base, including network connections, network devices (such as routers, switches, and hubs), and software applications. This unprecedented view deep into client networks provides MSPs with unique insight into network bandwidth utilization and traffic analysis.

With this information, MSPs can:

  • Measure bandwidth usage and consumption
  • Find interfaces, connections, devices, software applications, users, and protocols that consume the most bandwidth
  • Identify bottlenecks and connectivity errors
  • Review traffic patterns over time to forecast usage trends and potential bottlenecks
  • Discover whether bandwidth consumption is due to appropriate or unauthorized use
  • Expose suspicious bandwidth usage that might lead to security issues such as DDoS attacks, unauthorized downloading, and other potentially malicious network behavior
  • Discover high traffic flows to unmonitored ports
  • Reveal unauthorized applications such as file sharing and video streaming

Optimize performance with bandwidth monitoring

  • Out-of-the-box capabilities allow you to monitor devices and applications across your managed network.
  • Drill down on performance issues.
  • Use bandwidth monitoring to assist in cybersecurity.