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Consolidate your tools and stop juggling software with an all-in-one solution for MSPs

Some MSPs force their technicians to juggle multiple tools to have the features they need. You can serve your customers this way, but it can mean dozens of open tabs, unconsolidated reporting, and a loss of productivity. There’s a better way to work.

With all-in-one software for MSPs like N-able RMM and N-able N-central®, you can unite your services and customers in a single intuitive interface for maximum efficiency. This means your technicians spend less time toggling between tools and more time focused on helping your customers.

The robust dashboards provided by N-central and RMM offer the network monitoring and management tools you need to identify and diagnose issues. You can secure, maintain, and improve your customers’ IT systems with capabilities like patch management, endpoint detection and response, and managed antivirus—all from a single pane of glass. By helping you stay organized, all-in-one software for MSPs can also help improve customer retention and service margins.

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Scale your business and improve security with powerful add-on options

As you scale up and offer new services to customers, you’ll need a unified remote monitoring and management solution that supports a suite of security tools you can sell as secondary offerings.

Do you want to offer more robust email protection? N-able Mail Assure provides an integrated extra layer of security for customer email services with inbound and outbound spam and malware filtering. This tool also offers email archiving so you can securely store your customers’ emails for months or even years, just in case a compliance audit requires recovery.

Do you need to simplify password management? N-able Passportal offers centralized password access management, and it can also be leveraged as an add-on service to RMM or N-central. With password management services built into your RMM tool, you can offer robust password capabilities from one powerful dashboard. Supplement your unified IT monitoring solution with these add-ons and you could dramatically increase your offerings—and your revenue.

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Leverage your all-in-one software’s automation capabilities to add hours back to your week

The best all-in-one software for MSPs provides all the tools your technicians need to get things done, and it also takes care of repeatable tasks so you can focus on more complex operations. Automation saves time and reduces errors, but writing scripts is time-consuming and can require specialized skill sets.

The drag-and-drop editor offered in both N-able RMM and N-central helps you automate complex tasks with no coding experience required. Of course, these tools also support several major coding languages so you can create the solution that’s right for you.

With automation manager, you can streamline management of even the most complex infrastructures with over 100 common tasks right out of the box. These features help you standardize onboarding, patching, ticketing, billing, and more for maximum efficiency.

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Find the perfect all-in-one software for your MSP with two powerful options from N-able

MSPs can benefit from the streamlined, organized management that all-in-one software can provide, whether you’re managing a small business or a multisite on-premises enterprise with thousands of customers. N-able RMM and N-central both offer the power and security you need to serve customers.

If you need robust support from day one so you can get up and running as soon as possible, RMM is likely the right fit for you. This MSP IT software gives you everything you need to offer desktop management right away, and hassle-free automation helps you make the most of your time and effort. You can pay as you grow and supplement RMM with integrated and add-on security features whenever you’re ready.

If you’re looking to expand upon your existing customer base and upsell as you scale, opt for N-central. This MSP IT software is ideal for controlling complex environments and maximizes efficiency with the use of customization and automation. Installation options for on-premises, hosted, and hybrid environments ensure you can handle whatever complex environments you encounter.

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Frequently asked questions

What is all-in-one software for MSPs?

What is all-in-one software for MSPs?

Companies trust managed service providers (MSPs) to handle all their IT infrastructure and end-user needs, which means MSPs must negotiate many different roles and responsibilities on any given day. Unfortunately, many MSPs wind up relying on many different software solutions to accomplish these tasks and serve their customers. Using so many tools can be expensive, time-consuming, and simply not the most efficient way to work.

All-in-one software for MSPs alleviates these pain points by bringing the technology you need to do your job into a single solution—no more juggling disparate tools. Most all-in-one managed services solutions offer everything you need for easy management, monitoring, and automation, with optional add-ons for more advanced capabilities like email security or password management.

What are some key benefits of using all-in-one software?

What are some key benefits of using all-in-one software?

Two major benefits of all-in-one software for MSPs are the consolidation of control and cost efficiency. To understand why, consider this: the best MSP tools take time to learn, configure, secure, and update to use them most effectively. Multiply that by four or five different tools, and suddenly you’re spending more time updating tools and training technicians than serving your customers.

All-in-one software for MSPs can significantly reduce the amount of time you spend managing software by consolidating control into one tool. Not only can this make managing your MSP business easier and more streamlined, but it can also save money. One unified IT monitoring tool is generally cheaper than purchasing multiple tools, and you’ll often get more functionality from all-in-one software.

How does all-in-one software help with onboarding and training?

How does all-in-one software help with onboarding and training?

When MSP companies use many different tools, it can dramatically compromise their business productivity. It takes a long time to train technicians on multiple systems and once you account for the inevitable learning curve and top-up training sessions, the onboarding process becomes even longer.

With all-in-one software for MSPs, you can simplify internal operations like training and onboarding. Since all-in-one software for MSPs is designed for ease of use, you can unlock network management from a single pane of glass. Once a technician is comfortable with the navigation and interface, which typically only takes a few hours, they can start serving your customers right away. Onboarding and training are quick and easy because your technicians only need to learn and keep up with one solution.

What kinds of capabilities are rolled into an all-in-one solution?

What kinds of capabilities are rolled into an all-in-one solution?

The features included in all-in-one software for MSPs will vary depending on the provider, but the best solutions on the market today include the following capabilities:

  • Remote access—lets you log into your customers’ systems and resolve their technical issues from a distance
  • Patch management—automates and streamlines patching to help protect your customers against cyberattacks
  • Password and documentation management—gives you the power and control to enforce password management best practices
  • Endpoint detection and response—helps you proactively protect your customers from known and unknown threats
  • Backup and recovery—helps prevents data loss by creating safeguarded copies of your data
  • Email continuity and email archiving—helps your customers stay operational while providing email protection

For added functionality, most all-in-one software providers offer add-ons for advanced features like email security.

Simplify the management of service offerings with all-in-one software for MSPs

  • Address your remote management needs with just one tool
  • Leverage automation to make the most of your time and effort
  • Take advantage of managed services solutions that grow with your business