Security Manager

Best Protection, Best Performance

N-able Security Manager: AV Defender is built on the award winning Bitdefender® Internet Security platform with the best protection 3 years straight and the lowest impact on performance. What are you waiting for?

Why Security Manager is Right for You


Today’s threats are pervasive and deadly and Bitdefender has proven itself through independent testing to be the best protection for your customers.


Great protection no longer means slowing down your user’s computers. Security Manager provides great protection with minimal impact to your user’s experience.


Our tools will help you automatically remove most AV products so you can easily migrate your customers to Security Manager: AV Defender

Why You’ll Love Security Manager

Maximum Protection

Latest technology for the latest threats
Bitdefender has consistently provided the best protection, ranking 1st three years in a row in independent tests.

Troubleshoot Faster

With a full view of your managed endpoints
When you need to troubleshoot, N-central lets you know when something goes wrong and provides a detailed list of security events so you don’t have to log into the device to know what’s going on.

Configurable Protection

Install only what your customers need
Have a customer that prefers their existing hardware firewall? With Security Manager you can select which features you want to use when you install it.

AV Status Report

Show your customers how protected they are
Provide your customers with reports showing them exactly what protection you are providing and reminding them why they chose your service.


"We can do it better, faster and cheaper than our clients can in-house."

– Steve Jaramillo, Founder and Chief Executive, Catalyst