The Security Sweet Spot for MSPs

Security is a big deal these days. But you’ve got antivirus, so you’re good, right? Maybe you know you need more, but you’re not sure what. It’s confusing when vendors pitch things like their singular product offer as your “complete” security solution. You know better than that! Is there a “complete” security solution out there? As a security pro, I would say, no, there is not.

carsecurity.jpgSecurity can be provided in many ways, and none of them are complete. Just as you don’t expect locking your car doors alone is enough to prevent the theft of your car, multiple layers of defense are needed. You probably have an alarm that sets automatically when you lock the doors. You may also be careful to avoid parking lots where cars get stolen or broken into regularly. You know better than to leave your laptop in the front seat as it’s an invitation for a smashed window. You buy car insurance, so if your car is smashed or stolen, it can be replaced. You take these multiple precautions because there is no one “complete” solution to securing your car.

In the security world, we call the use of multiple precautions “Defense in Depth.” It’s an integral part of any cybersecurity strategy. At SolarWinds MSP, we call this “Layered Security.”  It begins with Security Essentials to defend against common attacks. This defensive approach is often sufficient to stop the opportunistic thief—the one looking for an easy, unprotected target.

However, to continue with our car analogy, you don’t expect these precautions to protect you 100%. You realize that if a bad guy really wants your car, he can probably find a way to take it, even if by brute force of carjacking while you are driving. That would be an anomaly though, and you are confident in your defense against the more likely threats. However, if you are really into security, you may take things up a level and go on the offense, proactively hunting for vulnerabilities and threats to eliminate them before the bad guys can find and act upon them.

The Security Essentials

trustedadvisor.jpgAs a managed service provider (MSP), you are the trusted technology advisor for your customers. SolarWinds MSP is a leading technology provider for MSPs like you. Together, we can easily and affordably help you reduce your clients’ risk from opportunistic attacks using simple and affordable layered security that ‘just works’ as part of your IT management capabilities. This is the security sweet spot for MSPs. For the price of a latte, your customers can help ensure the technology they rely on is protected using proven practices from their trusted advisor—you!

Every customer should have a layered security foundation with the Security Essentials that include the following:

Managed Antivirus

Helps protect from known and emerging malware using both signature-based protection and sophisticated heuristic checks and behavioral scanning. Managed antivirus is a fundamental component to your layered security offering and is available with the SolarWinds® RMM and SolarWinds N-central®solutions.

Patch Management 

Many security incidents result from hackers exploiting unpatched systems. Leverage SolarWinds MSP patch automation, convenient scheduling, and comprehensive reporting to gain full visibility over patch status and potential vulnerabilities. Patch management is an integral part of SolarWinds RMM and SolarWinds N-central.

Web Content Filtering

SolarWinds MSP web protection goes beyond enterprise antivirus software and firewalls by letting you set your own web content-filtering policies, website blacklists, time- and content-based browsing policies, and much more. Web protection is an option within SolarWinds RMM and SolarWinds N-central.

Mail Filtering

The majority of endpoint security threats arrive via email. The SolarWinds Mail Assure solution gives you the power of an ultra reliable email protection and archiving platform that is designed with security at its heart and provides customers with best-in-class protection from spam, phishing, malware, and other email-borne threats.


Whether an interruption is caused by user error, technology failure, ransomware, or natural disaster, SolarWinds Backup Documents helps business get back to work quickly by storing all work documents easily and reliably.

Every customer should use every one of these capabilities to reduce their risk (and yours) from common opportunistic attacks. It simplifies the security conversation and provides a clear path of what they need next from you. At the same time, you can grow your account footprint and billable services without adding effort and expertise. Managed antivirus and web protection are enabled in RMM and N-central literally with the click of a button.

Just as you must acknowledge the risk of foregoing rental car insurance, have your customers acknowledge the risk they are assuming if they are not using all of these basic security essentials.

The Next Step Beyond the Essentials

next steps.jpgOnce you have these essentials, help your clients assess the cybersecurity risks that are not so obvious.  For example, sensitive data left exposed on systems poses a great risk to your customers. Often, companies amass large amounts of sensitive personal data, including social security numbers, driver’s license numbers, credit card information, and more in dispersed persistent storage. Assess your customers’ security risks and help them reduce exposure to attack and to regulatory violations.

Security Assessment

SolarWinds Risk Intelligence roots out sensitive data across networks and devices, revealing potential vulnerabilities and providing actionable insights for sensitive data protection, so you can mitigate the risk. When you are ready to tackle even more, Risk Intelligence is capable of further powerful and broad vulnerability and risk assessments.

Find your security sweet spot with Security Essentials from SolarWinds MSP, a leader in MSP technology and a leading provider of security solutions to MSPs and their customers globally.


Cindy Blake is the security solutions lead at SolarWinds MSP.


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