Manage and monitor mobile devices 24/7 with MSP MDM software

As the number of remote workers and bring your own device (BYOD) policies increase, MSPs need to adjust their approach to mobile device management (MDM). It’s already challenging to monitor workstations and servers on large or diverse networks; mobile devices further complicate the picture. N-able RMM can help.

Its MDM features facilitate 24/7 monitoring and management for smartphones, tablets, and laptops alongside desktops and servers from one web-based dashboard. Default templates give you robust device checks right out of the box so you can start monitoring right away, and you can constantly monitor your managed networks to assess health and add or delete endpoints as needed.

The tool can also help monitor data usage on registered customer mobile devices to avoid unnecessary charges. This visibility helps you provide the high level of service your customers value.

Protect your customers wherever they are with a layered security stack

Mobile devices are excellent for increasing employee satisfaction and productivity, but they can be hard to secure. Many users don’t update their devices to prevent security vulnerabilities, and it’s not uncommon for employees to lose their devices with sensitive data on them. As an MSP looking to provide modern services for your customers, you need an MDM software solution to help keep mobile devices secure.

With N-able RMM, you can configure detailed security settings across an entire mobile fleet with just a few clicks. If a device is lost or stolen, the solution can use the built-in GPS on mobile devices to activate location tracking. To help prevent data loss, you can remotely lock phones, set passwords, or even wipe devices.

The tool also utilizes multiple advanced encryption technologies across its many features to help keep information secure.

Build a larger security strategy that includes MDM

Mobile device management is becoming increasingly critical for modern workforces, but it’s important to remember that MDM is only one part of a larger security strategy. While you can opt to utilize a separate tool for MDM, this will only add to your technicians’ workload by forcing them to toggle between tools and learn a new interface.

Instead, a solution like N-able RMM can strengthen your overall security strategy by including MDM features in the same dashboard your technicians use for patching, backing up, installing antivirus, or endpoint detection and response on customer workstations and servers.

By consolidating all these facets of unified endpoint management (UEM) into one powerful tool, you can increase technician efficiency and maximize security to provide a more streamlined and robust offering for your MSP customers.

Easily manage mobile devices with MSP MDM software

  • Monitor mobile devices 24/7
  • Create solutions that fit your customers’ needs with customizable policies
  • Remotely lock, set passwords, or wipe devices for maximum security