Protect servers from both known and emerging malware

With new cyberthreats emerging constantly, MSPs need a cloud-based antivirus solution that will help them defend their customers against the latest malware threats and viruses, both known and unknown. Security manager, part of N-able N-central®, brings two antivirus solutions together in one powerful tool. N-able N-central is powered by the award-winning Bitdefender engine for antivirus.

For known threats, MSPs can use traditional signature-based scanning to identify the latest malware threats. For unknown threats, N-able N-central enables rule-based and behavioral scans to uncover suspicious actions that may be associated with undiscovered malware. Both generate near real-time notifications so your MSP can respond more quickly.

Maintain total control with server antivirus software built for MSPs

Not all cloud-based antivirus solutions are created equal. As a busy MSP, you’re responsible for managing server antivirus for all your customers’ servers and endpoints across multiple sites. You need server antivirus software that’s specifically designed for MSPs and helps you maintain control at scale.

N-able N-central also helps you work efficiently without sacrificing control. You can use auto-deployment rules, both default and custom, to easily install antivirus in bulk across multiple endpoints. N-central allows you to make profiles to automate tasks like antivirus updates, virus definition downloads, and scan schedules for specific servers. With these features, you can deploy and configure with ease—and save more time for other tasks.

Improve performance with the lightweight scans of a cloud-based antivirus solution

Traditional server antivirus software performs various types of virus scans using several different system intercepts. Unfortunately, that approach can dramatically slow down a machine’s performance. Server antivirus protection should be as unobtrusive as possible to keep your customers productive and happy. To minimize disk and processor utilization and maximize performance, MSPs should use a cloud-based antivirus solution.

N-able N-central is a lightweight, multi-tenanted, cloud-based solution that helps your technicians to securely manage multiple customers from a single intuitive interface. By leveraging the power of the cloud, you’ll have access to a larger threat database that offers more accurate virus protection—without the associated costs and stress of having to house it on-premises. A cloud-based architecture also allows for near real-time definition updates. With N-able N-central, you don’t have to choose between machine performance and superior server antivirus protection.

Go beyond server antivirus protection with a layered EDR security solution

Server antivirus software is only one component of a full security stack, and your customers will need more than just antivirus for robust threat protection. N-able N-central allows MSPs to provide a layered security solution from one consolidated dashboard and integrates with numerous tools for additional protection.

In addition to server antivirus software and web protection, N-able N-central also features built-in Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR). Fully configurable two-way firewalls protect your customers against incoming threats, and web content filtering and application control protect them from web-based threats. Finally, the security manager feature in N-central can be combined with disk encryption manager to manage your customers’ device encryption requirements. With this all-in-one solution, your customers will be protected by much more than just antivirus.

Fight malware with server antivirus software

  • Guard against known and unknown threats with a cloud-based antivirus solution
  • Perform antivirus scans more efficiently
  • Build a robust, layered security solution with server antivirus software at its core