Solve IT issues efficiently with features designed to accelerate your remote support

N-able Take Control is remote access software built to help you speed up technical troubleshooting and ticket resolution—while providing the best possible support to your customers.

Take Control offers a variety of features to help your MSP business run more efficiently. For example, technicians can gain quick visibility into important device information at a glance, like system details, storage usage, registry details, and more. These can help your team pinpoint the root of your customers’ tech issues; live chat and video calling also help simplify communication with end users.

Whether your customer is running on Mac, Windows, or Linux systems, N-able Take Control allows you to provide support from a single solution. Designed specifically for MSPs, this tool was built to easily integrate with other PSAs and RMMs through simple APIs.

Help ensure safe access and data management practices with built-in layers of security

Your MSP business is only as strong as your security. Many remote connections often rely on remote desktop protocol (RDP), which leaves a listening port open on the end machine. This enables convenient access to customers’ workstations, but it can also leave a vulnerability for cyberattacks to exploit.

Strong security practices and tools designed with security in mind can increase customer trust and help drastically reduce the risk of session breaches, compromised data, or unauthorized access to client devices and networks. N-able Take Control security features include:

  • Use of DH Elliptic curve and AES 256 data encryption protocols
  • Uses FIPS (140-2)-compliant cryptographic library modules to help secure Windows device to Windows device remote connections
  • Multifactor authentication for protected MSP access
  • Granular permissions setting for technicians
  • The Take Control development environment is ISO 27001- certified
  • Fully integrated with N-able Passportal password management solution

With N-able Take Control, your customers can rest assured you’re using remote support tools built using strong security standards.

This remote support software puts the appropriate safeguards in place to help minimize the risk of a data breach that could cost you or your customers  business-crippling damage.

Document help-desk sessions reliably with recordings and searchable notes, and solicit user feedback with post-session surveys

To ensure accountability and service quality, it’s a good practice to record your support service sessions and follow-up support requests with post-session customer surveys. N-able Take Control offers recording options that allow you to store and review sessions, as well as survey your client users after encounters.

N-able Take Control Plus lets you record your sessions and session notes for up to two years to the cloud, or to local storage with Take Control. This helps you perform session spot checks for quality of service—and validate services performed for clients. And the ability to quickly search archived notes can be a huge help when the same issue arises repeatedly.

Keep a close eye on customer satisfaction with customer surveys you can design yourself. Design your own questions and send surveys post-session (or whenever you want). You can even keep a library of surveys for different customer types, and there’s a special report just for survey results.

Customize your branding and messaging to reflect your business

MSPs today not only need to offer great IT support—they also need to market themselves consistently. That’s why Take Control provides customizable configurations for you to add your personal branding to your remote support services.

The tool lets you brand your multiple user-facing elements—like download applets, website support URLs, wait-time messages, and surveys—so your customers always remember you as their trusted support service. You can even place an easy-access IT support request button on your own website.

By branding elements, like your support request methods, wait time alerts, emails, and post-session surveys, you can strengthen your company’s identity and reinforce your value. A customized look and feel can help ensure your business is synonymous with reliable support.

Advanced diagnostic features help quickly resolve even the thorniest tech issues

N-able Take Control Plus includes advanced features that help technicians get to the root of trouble, with registry editing and native command line functionality right from the Remote Viewer. One-to-many batch scripting can save MSPs hours of time by offering the ability to perform updates or dial up security settings with mass management of installed Take Control agents. Take Control also offers advanced remote viewing controls with multimonitor switching, 24-bit true color viewing, and automatic resolution adjustment for slower bandwidth conditions. If a support issue requires escalation or consultation by another tech, it’s easy to share or transfer sessions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Take Control?

What is Take Control?

N-able Take Control is a fast, powerful, and safe remote support solution that gives you the ability to offer clients IT support from wherever you are.

What’s the difference between Take Control and Take Control Plus?

What’s the difference between Take Control and Take Control Plus?

Take Control Plus is a premium remote support solution that offers all advanced functionality, 500 install agents per license, and 10 end-user accounts. To see the differences between the two solutions, visit our Comparison Page.

What kind of behind-the-scenes remote service can an MSP provide with N-able Take Control?

What kind of behind-the-scenes remote service can an MSP provide with N-able Take Control?

Take Control offers both unattended (behind the scenes) and attended (with user present) support. Unattended support can be initiated with a single click to a registered device, and access is available to unlock that machine using our Secrets Vault feature.

Attended remote support includes comprehensive communication capabilities, like live chat and VoIP, as well as fine-tuned visibility into users’ monitors and machines.

For either type of access, our Tech Console and Remote Viewer put the tools techs need to diagnose and resolve issues right at their fingertips—from detailed system information to editable registries, Take Control gives techs a clear view into systems to offer complete support.

How do users request support in Take Control?

How do users request support in Take Control?

New users can request support through a Get Support button on your website, or by contacting your team and connecting through a six-digit PIN. Once user devices are registered in Take Control, they can request support via a system tray icon or chat. Incoming requests can be automatically routed to specific technicians, and technicians can easily pass requests to other technicians if an issue needs to be escalated.

Once a request has been made, how do you communicate with the client?

Once a request has been made, how do you communicate with the client?

Managing support requests is easy with Take Control. Once a support request has been made, Take Control provides you with the ability to open a lightweight live-chat window or VoIP call to engage with clients, should questions come up. While they are waiting for support, they can see their place in the support queue and an estimate of wait time. Technicians can also easily transfer files to the user, share their monitor, or even use a laser pointer to highlight elements on the user’s screen.

How configurable is Take Control?

How configurable is Take Control?

All user-facing elements of Take Control can be branded by the MSP. Terms of service, automated emails, and reports can be customized and set to send per the MSP’s schedule. Take Control can be organized by department or technician with multilayer authentication set to help ensure user security.

Can I offer my customers the ability to remote into their computers using Take Control?

Can I offer my customers the ability to remote into their computers using Take Control?

Yes, with Take Control Plus, you can offer this capability for up to 10 users.

IT Remote Support Software Designed for MSPs

  • Powerful diagnostic tools built for speed
  • Custom branding and configurations to adapt to your business
  • Multiple layers of security help keep MSPs and their clients safe